Thursday, June 8, 2023


36 crazy ways to cook eggs

By Cheri Sicard
The crew from 5-Minute Crafts (almost 80 million subscribers!) has assembled a fun video of 36 different ways to cook eggs.

As eggs are a terrific culinary staple to have on hand in your RV, I thought this might be a useful video for our readers.

To be sure, ALL of the ways to cook eggs they demonstrate are not right for RVs, but most are.

All of the techniques and recipes shown are easy to make. Nonetheless, some come out looking pretty impressive. Enough so as to WOW anyone you serve them to.

This is one of those terrific videos without a lot of talking or filler, just a quick demonstration of each of the techniques. But this is enough for the viewer to realize they, too, could cook the same way.

The demo on using a funnel to separate eggs alone makes this video worth watching.

Other highlights include tiny omelets made in a spoon, pasta made entirely of eggs, fluffy funnel-cake-like fried eggs, microwave “Toad in the Hole,” easy custard baked in an orange half, and much more.

Those on a low-carb or keto diet will also find some creative recipe ideas here.

All that said, they could give a little more details as to recipes and ingredient amounts. But even without, most cooks will get the idea and be able to come up with something close.

If you like this video, make sure to check out last week’s video about cooking the perfect fried egg in a cast iron skillet.



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2 months ago

Interesting to watch but I eat to live, I do not live to eat. I can enjoy art, but not necessarily to eat it. I want my meal quick and easy. Vid was enjoyable, however.

Ron Cravey
2 months ago

I would not try anything on 5 minute crafts. It is a video mill with many, many fake videos. Here is one video that talks about their misleading instructions.

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