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Video and article: RVing beautiful Iceland


By Chuck Woodbury

What a surprise this country is to anyone who visits. I visited six years ago. I don’t think anything has changed significantly since then.

The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, and with rare exception they speak fluent English. It’s often hard to tell them from Americans. They watch so much of our TV that they pick up our accent.

I traveled in a small rented camper van from Happy Campers in Reykjavik. It comes equipped with basic kitchen items and bedding.

Most visitors travel the 800-mile Ring Road, which circles the island. Iceland has a population of 300,000, two-thirds in Reykjavik. So most of the time you will be in beautiful, rural countryside, more often than not along the coast. A town of 1,000 is a big deal! The excellent Ring Road is two lanes and almost entirely paved (good gravel otherwise).

Icelanders are avid RVers. Campgrounds are everywhere. I have explored both islands of New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but I must say that Iceland is equally beautiful. It’s not just a bunch of ice (that’s Greenland).  In this eight-minute video which I recorded while in Iceland, I show you my camper van and explain what it’s like to RV in this beautiful, civilized country, with wonderful people.

The best way to get to Iceland is by Icelandair, the country’s official airline. All its flights between the USA and Europe stop in Reykjavik, where passengers can get off, for no extra fare, for up to a week, tour the island, and then hop back on another plane to complete their journey.



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Marcia Ford
6 years ago

Number 1 on my outside-North-America place to visit. In fact, I can’t think of a number 2. Thanks for this!

Gary Anderson
6 years ago

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

Awesome. I want to visit thanks to your article

6 years ago

This video is well worth watching. Iceland looks like an amazing place. Thanks.

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