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How to avoid, reduce, or eliminate RV driving pain

By Cheri Sicard
RV driving pain—no, not the pain you feel at the pumps, but rather actual physical pain caused by prolonged driving your RV—is something rarely discussed. However, Martin from RVstreet is about to change that.

If you have ever experienced pain in your neck, back, shoulders, or rear end while driving your RV, then the video below is for you.

Martin shares his techniques and equipment to avoid and relieve his RV driving pain.

This year Martin began to experience arm, shoulder, and neck pain while driving. The cause was a pinched nerve. It turned out that the way he was sleeping was the culprit and it was easy to fix.

Then he started to get deep tissue back pain right below the shoulders.

When he began, he found relief in, of all things, a tennis ball wrapped in a sock. Watch the video for a demo. But this was short-lived.

He also tried an electric heating pad, which might not be practical for all RVers. It also only provided temporary relief.

Ditto ibuprofen. And while CBD cream has helped his neck and shoulder pain, it did nothing for this deep back pain.

He did find a good back stretching technique he can do while driving (see the video for a demo), but it still had limited success.

So Martin examined what might be the cause. This leads him to research posture. That was the cause and might be the cause if you, too, are having problems.

A back support pillow he bought at Walmart helped, along with a pillow under his butt. Watch the video, as Martin will show you what to look for in order to have proper RV driving posture in order to avoid pain.

He also discusses the success he has had with a tens machine.

It took a lot of trial and experimentation, but Martin finally found a solution to his driving pain. His trial and error might help you, too, if you experience RVing driving pain.



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2 months ago

I have a pinched nerve in my neck and I found the most relief by using a neck pillow like the ones for neck support on a airplane.

2 months ago

Some good ideas, however, if you look at the position on the steering wheel, it forces you to reach out and up. This puts your shoulders in an awkward position.
I had this same problem while riding my motorcycle. I was constantly reaching straight out for the handlebars. I found some ‘risers’ that pushed the handlebars closer to my body without adjusting my body position. Most vehicles have adjustable steering wheels. Adjust it closer and more vertical. Moving the seat forward may help, but then again it changes the position of your hips, putting strain on the lower back and hips.
As far as the pillow, the best thing to use is a Roho wheelchair seat cushion. It’s an inflatable
bladder made up of small air cells which allows air circulation and conforms to your bottom relieving pressure points.

2 months ago

Another great video of good-to-know advice. I have found that taking my billfold out at the beginning of a drive helps a lot. Also, taking a tip from long-haul truckers, I employ a wooden seat mat which aids in maintaining circulation and cooler temperature where the body meets the seat. I’m still working on my hips, which begin to ache while sleeping on my side. My doctor has diagnosed it as bursitis, inflammation of the sack around the joint, and prescribed medicine I use only as needed.

Seann Fox
2 months ago

The heated seats in my truck are a true blessing…

Cheri Sicard
2 months ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

My current truck does not have them and I sure do miss them.

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