Tuesday, October 3, 2023


What to look for when buying a used RV: 5 common flaws

By Cheri Sicard
Are you planning on buying a used RV? Then you must see this video!

I love Josh the RV Nerd’s entertaining but informative presentation. He packs a lot of good practical information in this 12 minutes that should be required viewing for anyone shopping for a used RV. Especially RV newbies, although even more experienced RVers are bound to pick up some tidbits.

Josh breaks it down to five simple areas that you should ALWAYS inspect closely when considering buying a used RV.

Could there be additional things beyond these five? Of course. But these five common faults found in many used RVs are the ones that are potentially the most expensive to deal with.

Likewise, if you follow the video’s advice you’ll be well on your way to a good deal on a good RV.

This is not to say that if the RV you are looking at has one or more of these issues you should pass on it. Each person’s circumstances and experiences are different, as is each used RV.

Josh gets this and explains how some problems are bigger issues for some people than others, and how to determine where you land on that spectrum.

He also goes into how you can use flaws to negotiate a better deal. Or to anticipate how much extra expense you can expect. Or to walk away altogether if a seller is expecting top dollar for a used RV with serious issues.

Josh briefly covers each of the five used RV problem areas with video examples so you will know exactly how to identify these critical issues when you are buying a used RV.

He includes essential information about past and present leaks, mold, potential water problems, stress areas on the trailer, as well as hidden places where problems can lurk in RVs.

If you plan on buying a used RV, spending 12 minutes with Josh the RV Nerd first can end up saving you a LOT of time, hassles, and money.

Knowledge is power!

[BTW – Haylett RV is now Bish’s RV.]



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Rod C
1 year ago

I’m always checking those things on my old Fleetwood Jamboree.

Cindy Curtis
1 year ago

Thank You for the tips. I always look for those little but expensive things. My daughter and I had our eye on a used 2016 Coachman Freedom Express. Luckily the salesman showed us the interior and told us about the very used interior. So we were going to get the leftover 2016 and instead of moving it out of the showroom, we got a new 2017, 10,000$$$$ off the price. We love it. Bunkhouse and all. ❤

1 year ago

WOW….Can’t believe he didn’t point out the massive and obvious delamination on the exterior sidewall! Sidewall delamination is a key issue to look for.

Lot’s of good tips, but he missed that one, which is a common and key issue. Lamination is what most RV sidewalls rely on for structural integrity. When that bond fails the integrity of the structural support is compromised. Not good!

1 year ago

Good advice for an annual check of any RV you already own.

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