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Camping and ticks: What RVers need to know

Slim Potatohead, one of my favorite outdoors vloggers, returns with an important video that all campers and RVers should definitely watch. It concerns camping and ticks. For such a small creature, ticks can inspire a whole lot of anxiety!

You need to be especially vigilant because you often cannot feel the tick or even know it is there. They can latch on and gorge on your blood for up to 15 days! EEEEEEEW. Even worse, they carry diseases and viruses. The most scary of all is the dreaded Lyme disease.

Now according to Slim, you need to be particularly careful if you are a Canadian pop singer as this little bugs seem to have an affinity for them. What’s Slim’s evidence? Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, and Justin Bieber have all had their careers derailed because of Lyme disease!

Behind that joke is the serious point that Lyme disease is a serious affliction with serious consequences that can leave you feeling like a fatigued zombie.

Slim phoned his doctor who told him that Lyme disease thankfully does not happen instantly. It takes a few days. So he was a little relieved as he got the tick off of himself quickly.

Slim also had the foresight to save the tick in question. If you ever get bit and are able to save the tick too, it’s not a bad idea to do so. That way it can be analyzed by a lab to check whether or not it was carrying the disease. There are antibiotics you can take if you catch it soon after the bite.

Slim’s tick luckily did not have Lyme disease, but it did have the potential for other diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, so caution and symptom monitoring was in order.

As usual, Slim’s storytelling is amusing while simultaneously imparting important information. Perhaps most important of all are his tips on how to avoid being bit in the first place, including the right clothing to wear to keep ticks off, and recommended tick repellants. It’s also vitally important to examine yourself and your friends and your dogs after hikes.

Watch the video, be entertained, and learn essential information about camping and ticks.



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martin a
1 month ago

In the summer of 2021 we lost our 18 month old Bengal to what the vet believed to be Bobcat tick fever, we had been traveling with her and our Sheltie in northern midwest states where it apparently is common. We never saw a tick on her or the dog or our ourselves during this trip. She became sick over the weekend that we returned home when we took her to the vet he tried several treatments and she died in his arms the next morning. She had only been outside on a leash a few times in short grass near the trailer. We will always miss her.

1 month ago

This was an extremely interesting and informative video by Slim. It was also very funny. I just wish he had said how he found and removed a tick from the back of his neck!

Tina W
1 month ago

The reality of ticks really sucks. 😩

We are also worried about our cats. We do walk them and they have a catio. Plus we are on the verge of purchasing a small cabin in the NE so that they can have protected space outdoors when we are camping. Like a fenced yard with cat escape proofing. And they are much less interested in having their bodies carefully checked. Just such a bummer.

1 month ago

Spouse was bitten by the Lone Star tick. This tick bite will rearrange your metabolism. It adds the AlfaGal disease to your list of problems. This rearranges your diet completely. She is on a no mammal food product diet. Cannot even eat chicken or seafood prepared on the same grill.
This tick is found in the Southern tier of states.

Bob M
1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

The tick is also found in the northeast. My cousins husband got bit by one in New Jersey and cannot eat meat because of the Lone Star Tick bite.

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