Thursday, September 21, 2023


Cooler packing hacks—Perfectly pack a cooler with canned drinks

By Cheri Sicard
Looking for cooler packing hacks? The YouTube shorts video below is small on time but big on ideas. In just a few sections, they show you how to perfectly and efficiently pack canned drinks in a cooler.

What’s involved in this cooler packing hack? Simply open the 12-pack from the bottom and place in the cooler. Then pack ice in on either side of it to about halfway up the cooler. Pull the box up to remove it and you have a perfectly stacked pile of cans. Fill in with ice around the rest and you are ready to party!

While the video shows a 12-pack of beer being packed in a smaller cooler, you could use the same idea in a larger cooler, packing in multiple 12-packs side-to-side. Once they are all in, add the ice on the side, pull up the boxes, and fill in with more ice.



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  1. Hmm, … I guess the implication is that ice should be directly applied to the cans rather than to the cardboard. ? Thanks, Cheri!

    • it appears that the box holds the cans in place when you ice up the cooler, then you pull the box and the cans are iced on all sides…genius. !

    • It was probably free, in her/his or they/them defense. Can’t give that stuff away right now except to possibly a Utuber…… or perhaps to a dude in a dress. 20 billion biscuits for that little virtue signal. Its still jaw dropping on the stupidity scale.


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