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Join Jay Leno in the Decoliner, an amazing custom double-decker RV

By Cheri Sicard
The episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” below features one of the most unique double-decker RVs ever made—if not THE most unique double-decker RV ever made. Jay calls it “the coolest motorhome I’ve ever seen.”

The custom-built Decoliner, designed by automotive wizard Randy Grubb of (formerly Blastolene), starts with its stunning appearance. The Decoliner kind of looks like a streamlined Moderne-style chromed locomotive crossed with a cartoon-style submarine, complete with hand-blown glass portholes. All on wheels!

But that’s only the beginning of the unbelievable double-decker motorhome’s features.

Two ways to drive the Decoliner double-decker RV

Randy was inspired to build his masterpiece after a houseboating trip on Lake Shasta. He loved how the houseboats could be piloted from inside the cabin or outside from the bridge.

That lead him to question, “Why couldn’t you have that in a car?” Turns out you can, as the Decoliner stylishly proves.

A 1973 GMC motorhome chassis was key to the Decoliner’s impressive flying bridge feature where the driver sits outside high above the road below. Eleven feet, 6 inches above the road, to be exact, close to the 13-foot legal max.

Why that particular motorhome was so essential to the build of this Art Deco-style custom RV is explained in the video, along with how Randy designed and built the Decoliner from scratch.

The Decoliner does lack a lot of living amenities of a typical RV, so I would not want to live in it or do a long trip in it. However, this is truly a showpiece RV you’ll never forget. In this case, style trumps practicalities.

If the tour weren’t enough, you even get to go for a ride with the guys as Jay pilots the double-decker RV from both its top and lower levels.

Check it out!



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Robert Jobson
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6 days ago

Such imagination and engineering skill!

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