Tuesday, August 9, 2022



Video: Driving under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs

Driving “under the influence” doesn’t only mean driving under the influence of alcohol. It can also include drugs, including prescription drugs. In this interview from the community TV studio RVtravel.com shares with My Edmonds News of Edmonds, Wash., host Teresa Wippel discusses the subject of driving under the influence of drugs with Officer Mark Brinkman, a drug recognition expert with the Lynnwood, Wash., Police Department.

Although we suspect there are few RVtravel.com readers who drive under the influence of illegal drugs, there are likely some who do so who take prescription drugs, which can also influence driving behavior. Officer Brinkman also talks about driving under the influence of marijuana, which is now legal in Washington and some other states.



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Ronald Payne
4 years ago

Officer Brinkman and many of the police officers who try their best to keep people safe,highly skilled,caring people of our community,my personal heartfelt appreciation for your compassion.

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