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Homemade DIY RV accessories that save you $$$


By Cheri Sicard
The team from All About RVs has compiled a handy handful of DIY RV accessories you can make yourself. Sure you could buy these accessories, but making them yourself will save you money and none of these projects are difficult or expensive to do, as Jared Gillis will show you.

So what kind of DIY RV accessories can you hope to find in the video? Let’s explore:

DIY RV vent covers

Foam-insulated vent covers will help keep your RV warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  They also block out unwanted sunlight. These are easy to make from foam and a layer of reflective material that especially helps to keep heat out under the pounding summer sun.

DIY RV window covers

The tip of reflective window covering to keep out heat has been around for a while, but this video shows a slightly different method of accomplishing it using Command Strips and Velcro. This allows you to quickly remove or install the coverings when you need them.

Three things with lumber

The next three projects are simple RV accessories you can build with lumber.

The first is DIY stabilizers that keep the RV from shaking while inside. They might be a little more work, but they give a lot of value for what they cost to make.

Jared also shows making stabilizing pads to go under the leveling jacks. Personally, I just use wood scraps and this is just a glorified wood scrap, but they are reinforced to prevent splitting or delaminating. What I have learned from experience, however, is the plastic type sold in RV stores just do not hold up. So, in my opinion, wood is a far better option.

The most useful of these projects, and one I intend to make ASAP, is a side-to-side leveling system. Again, the plastic blocks I bought for this purpose cracked in my first week of using them. They might work on a flat surface, but they don’t work well on uneven surfaces. This is a far better solution, at least for places I typically camp.

The plastic drive-on levelers they also show look great, but if, like me, you don’t have an extra $70 to spend on levelers, this DIY alternative will work well.

Water filter RV accessory

The final tip shows how to use a quality home water filter to filter your RVs water. By following this advice, you can have a better quality water filter in your RV for less money than most RV water filtration systems.

So check out the video below. These are some awesome low-cost solutions to common RV problems.


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Carla r
15 days ago

Like water filter idea. Wanted to share something I set up to save my filters in cold weather. I got a Rubbermaid container that was slightly larger than the filters (I have a 2 filter system with it’s own stand). I put a slab of foam in the bottom with his for the stand get and then fish in the sides and top. Cut holes in tub where the hoses connect. Put lid on and clamp so won’t blow off. I used quick connects for easier connections. So far so good. If really cold, I cover it all with a thick towel. Btw.. Love watching your videos. Great ideas and info.

Cheri Sicard
14 days ago
Reply to  Carla r


Bob p
16 days ago

The only short comings are the weight involved with the wood versus the commercial bloack.