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Show-stopping vintage RV camper boat ‘boaterhome’

This is one impressive and unique custom-built RV! A camper boat, also known as a “boaterhome,” made from a 1950s vintage RV.

When you try to picture putting an RV onto a boat to create a boat camper, high style probably would not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the camper boat in the video below is about to blow those notions out of the water. (Get it? Okay, that’s a groaner.)

Edwin McCain and his team at Boats Have Souls did a first-rate job with this custom build from the standpoints of both functionality and style.

Boats Have Souls usually restores and flips boats, but in this case, they created a custom boaterhome that combines the best of both worlds: RVing and houseboating into a hip retro style that manages to be timelessly contemporary.

Upcycling a vintage Avion camper into a boaterhome

The team began with a vintage 1950s Avion truck camper, which is pretty fly in and of itself.

After meticulously restoring the vintage camper inside and out, they ordered a custom-built hull to keep it afloat.

The Avion camper started out looking pretty shabby, at least from the outside. But after the restoration team did their magic and mounted the camper to the hull, this unusual camper boat is a showstopper!

To be sure, it looks unlike other watercraft, even other houseboats.

No doubt a boat camper combo of any kind is going to get lots of attention. But creative and outside-the-box as the “Happy Camper” boaterhome is, there’s no way to be incognito with it.

A nautical blue and shiny silver theme dominate both the interior and exterior.

The inside has the sleek look of a modern version of a ’50s kitchen. Bright red retro-styled appliances are offset by glittery hot rod style upholstery.

Outside the boaterhome makes maximum use of space. The most eye-catching part is the ingenious rooftop sun deck that also provides shade for the pilot and co-pilot seats beneath.

If you ever dreamed of taking your RV on the water, a camping boat like this might just be the answer.



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1 month ago

Wind would be very serious for this design. The base needed to be broader for stability.

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

Wow, would I love to have that! Cutest one I’ve seen yet!

1 month ago

Interesting, but the naval engineer in me wonders where the center of buoyancy is in relation to the center of gravity, and what is the tipping point?

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