Thursday, October 6, 2022


Living in an RV to save money: Full-time RV budget advice

By Cheri Sicard
If you are considering living in an RV to save money, you are definitely going to want to subscribe to Robin Barrett of Creativity RV’s new 10-video series on “How to be happy and save money by living in an RV.”

The video below is the first in that series. It delivers so much excellent information, I can’t wait for the others.

In this video, Robin talks about full-time RV budget advice and how she is living her best life for 70 percent less than what it used to cost her to stay in a bricks-and-sticks home.

Living that way also required Robin to stay stuck in a soul-stifling job and lifestyle that made her miserable.

This video and the others in the series are for you if…

  • You are struggling to make ends meet in today’s tough economy and are searching for a way forward.
  • You feel like life is slipping away while you remain stuck, hoping there will still be time to live a little once you reach retirement.

Robin breaks down the numbers of exactly what it takes for her to live on the road full time.

More importantly, she shares what it took to get there as planning and logistics comprise a big part of a move as major as transitioning to full-time RV living.

Living in an RV to save money is an individual process

Now just because Robin’s budget is what it is, does not mean that you have to live in the same manner.

She acknowledges this and talks about how to adjust your budget for the way you like to live, the things you like to do or need to do, and your preferred levels of comfort.

Other things that will make your budget vary from hers are your choice of RV rig, the state of your residence and registrations, age and health status, and a few more. For instance, you might opt for RV payments and add to the housing portion of your budget.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can cut the propane expenses she allows for in half or less. Your technology and connectivity needs may not be as much as Robin’s as she works online.  Etc., etc.

But regardless of whether or not your expenses are the same as Robin’s, or if where you choose to put your money is where she does, this video applies to all.

It’s a terrific guide to the cornucopia of financial factors that must be taken into account in order to successfully transition to full-time RV living.

I always love Robin’s enthusiasm and positive yet realistic and practical take on things.

The video concludes by covering the similarities between budgeting for RV life versus life in your bricks-and-sticks home.

Some things about RV life and finances surprised Robin, who has been doing it for more than 5 years now. For instance, she was able to pay off more debt while making less money after she quit her regular job.

Lastly, the video puts a lot of RV employment fears to rest.

Robin literally wrote the book on working as a nomad and says there are hundreds of different jobs available you can do while living on the road. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy or a digital nomad.



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