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Mac charger repair—5 minute fix for iPhone or MacBook chargers

By Cheri Sicard
Have you ever found yourself on an RV trip and the charger for your MacBook, Mac laptop, or iPhone stops working? Have you ever wondered what a Mac charger repair would entail?

Wonder no more. In the video below the team at Brain Hacks will show you just how easy it is to perform a Mac charger repair on your dysfunctional charger.

These pieces of equipment are definitely not meant to last. I regularly go through two or three of them a year. It makes no difference if I buy the $60 cord from the Mac store or a $20 aftermarket cord—none of them last. Either way, those dollars add up. And the cords always seem to stop working at the most inopportune times, like when I am boondocking in the middle of nowhere.

The method demonstrated in the video is not as elegant as some others. But unlike other more complex videos on how to repair a Mac charger, it needs no special tools or skills, including no soldering iron. In fact, you don’t even have to open the charger box!

There is no narration in the video but there are some text prompts. Otherwise, you just watch and follow along with your broken iPhone or MacBook charger. Simple!

In order to complete this Mac charger repair you will need:

  • An Exacto knife or razor blade to remove some of the cord’s outer insulation
  • Electrical tape

That’s it! The process is pretty straightforward and according to the comments, people have had great success using it. I am definitely going to try it next time my cord goes dead. And it’s good to know that no matter where I may roam, I can easily repair my Mac charger. Whew!



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Bob M
1 month ago

I have a heavy duty aftermarket charging cable I’ve been using since about 2016. the area I plug it into my iPhone I can see the braid, but it still charges. The factory cables I use in my vehicles and haven’t had any problems. I don’t unplug the cables from the power source. Just where it plugs into the iPhone. I did read not long ago people have had problems with the cables. Not sure why some do and some don’t.

Betty Dagle
1 month ago

It might have been helpful, but I couldn’t see what was being done because the hands were in the way. And the explanation didn’t make complete sense to me. Would it help to be proactive and tape the cord to the base from the start?

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Betty Dagle

That is probably not a bad idea, as that always seems to be where the problems develop.

Bill Fisher
1 month ago

You must treat your cables pretty badly. My Mac charger cable is nine years old and still looks and functions like new. A little care goes a long way.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill Fisher

Thanks for the lecture and mansplaining, Dad. SMH. You have the key oh great one. Cause everyone I know with a MAC has the exact same problem I do. But sure, it’s just all our faults for being careless.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cheri Sicard

I normally like your articles and videos but I have to agree will Bill. Our family members probably have six Apple/Mac devices among them and I can’t recall failures with any of the chargers. With yours it could be voltage related among other things. With lower voltage the transformers can heat up more than normal. This could be a good question for Mike Sokol.

Charlie Sullivan
1 month ago
Reply to  Cheri Sicard

Wow, really? A little on the defensive are we? I agree with Bill fisher…we’ve had Apple phones and chargers since they first came out. Never had a charger or charger cord go bad! I think it is more an issue of how the charger/cord is handled or stored.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago

Everyone I know has. And it is a regular thing for me and has been for years. It has nothing to do with voltage, the connections in the cords come loose.

Yeah, I am a little defensive today, for many reasons. But it does get tiring getting lectured and mansplained about things that are supposedly my fault that clearly are not, your own personal experiences notwithstanding.

Good for you if you have not had problems. I and the people I know work on our computers a LOT and all of us have had regular issues with MAC charging cords and all of us have a graveyard collection of cords that have gone bad.

So sorry to have wasted your time with this horrible post. However, my guess is there are lot more like me who will benefit from this post, if they ever see it, or read beyond the negative ratings it got. If there weren’t this video and tons of others like it, would not be getting the traffic they do.

Last edited 1 month ago by Cheri Sicard

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