Monday, September 26, 2022


Maxed out on minimalism: Living in a Tesla car RV conversion

In this incredible video, Bob from Cheap RV Living interviews photographer Dave. Believe it or not, Dave has done a car RV conversion on his Tesla. That’s right, this guy now lives in his electric car. On purpose!

Dave is not quite a full-timer, living in his car RV conversion about half the time. It is minimalistic. No cooking and no bathroom (the video talks about how Dave handles these limitations).

RV’s do not get much stealthier than this. From the outside, nobody would ever know that someone is living in this car. Let alone running a professional photography business from it.

Dave is someone who apparently makes the best of bad situations. He does admit that a bad breakup that left him without a place to stay and a lot of debt was the impetus behind this unique RV conversion build.

As Dave often works in cities and needs to park in parking structures, he says the Tesla Model S is perfect. He says he is far more comfortable in it than he was when he used to camp in a mini-van.

It’s also economical. He can drive essentially for free in the Tesla. And Tesla cars come equipped with a camper mode that maintains temperature no matter what’s happening outside. Likewise, Dave can always car camp in comfort.

The built-in navigation system is also a plus.

Dave claims that even if he won the lottery tomorrow, there’s nothing about his life he would change. He is exactly where he wants to be.

He does say this build is about 80 percent complete but he still has some small additional projects planned for his car.

So how did Dave modify his Tesla to build this car RV conversion?

  • Removed the middle console and passenger seat for space.
  • He built a desk for work that he can also eat at.
  • He does not cook or have a kitchen or water, but he does have a microwave and a small fridge.
  • He installed a drawer and storage cabinet for clothing and photo equipment.
  • He removed the back seat to create a level sleeping space.
  • He created a pass-through so he can go from the front to the back of the car without exiting the vehicle.
  • Hooked an inverter to the 12-volt system of the car for power.



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Tom E
8 days ago

Somehow “Cheap” and Tesla don’t quite fit. Sell the Tesla. Buy a good used SUV? Possibly one capable of towing a good used small camper trailer with bathroom/shower combo, kitchen, dinette, bed, and a place to work? All for less than the Tesla. Cheap “RV” living in a modified Tesla???? Nope.

Cheri Sicard
8 days ago
Reply to  Tom E

It works for him and he explained why. Who am I to judge? Personally, I think it is dumb, but whatever floats your boat.

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