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The Outdoor Boys’ 10 most delicious campfire snacks

By Cheri Sicard
Luke, Tom, and Nathan, with the Outdoor Boys YouTube Channel, have compiled a video of their top 10 favorite campfire snacks and treats. That’s right, you can make all of these terrific munchies, outside, over the campfire!

These recipes are easy. Anyone can do them and they don’t require a lot of specialty gear or specialty ingredients. They’re so easy, in fact, that you can recruit the kids to help you with most of them and get them involved in making happy and delicious family memories around the campfire.

Some of the recipes are creative and things you might not have thought about before, but when you think of them now, you’ll realize they sound mighty delicious.

So, what campfire snacks are covered? Let’s explore:

#1 Marshmallow-covered roasted strawberries: Put a clean strawberry on a skewer, dip in marshmallow fluff, and roast. Yum!

#2: Roasted Starburst candy: This one sounds strange to me, but Luke swears by it. Again a skewer stick is your friend, as the video shows.

#3 Cinnamon rolls on a stick: This is Luke’s favorite breakfast treat. Made from refrigerated cinnamon roll dough and placed on skewers and cooked over a campfire. The video shows you just how to make these.

#4: Campfire baked apples: This treat can even be considered healthy, but it’s still delicious!

#5 Maple syrup kettle corn: The video will show you how to prepare the popcorn first. You’ll then use your Dutch oven to make the kettle corn. The maple syrup with give you great flavor and make that irresistible sweet/salty combo that makes kettle corn so great. This is the one recipe on the list that is a little bit tricky, so maybe let the kids sit this one out when it comes to cooking.

#6 Nutella and Biscoff s’mores: Classic s’mores get a gourmet makeover in Nathan’s updated version.

#7 Campfire churros: Nathan says this recipe is going to “rock your world!” It uses refrigerated dinner roll dough and the video shows you how to transform this supermarket staple into cinnamon churros-style treats. Actually, they are more like little donut holes.

#8 Campfire donuts: As this recipe uses hot oil, it’s another one for the kids to sit out—until it comes time to eat. Again, refrigerated dinner roll dough forms the base of this one. Fresh hot donuts in under two minutes!

#9 Campfire banana split: Split open a banana, stuff with your favorite ingredients, wrap in foil and bake. YUM!

#10 Baked candies sweet yams: Like the banana above, split it open, stuff it, wrap and bake. Nutritious and delicious.

Check out the video and pack some ingredients to make some campfire treats on your next trip!



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