Friday, March 24, 2023


Quick, cheap, and easy DIY tailgate anti-theft device

By Cheri Sicard
Josh from Gander Flight is back with another terrific YouTube shorts video: a cheap, quick, easy tailgate anti-theft device. Well, it’s not really a device, but it is a great idea!

How cheap is it? Really cheap. The price of a hose clamp!

How quick is it? You can install it yourself in minutes.

To implement this tailgate anti-theft hack you will need to remove the tailgate from your pickup. This only took Josh 25 seconds. Perhaps this is why truck tailgates can be a target of thieves.

All you need to do, once the tailgate is off, is apply the hose clamp around the tailgate’s pivot point and tighten it down covering the notch that allows the tailgate to be lifted off.

Is it foolproof? Not entirely. A thief could opt to spend the extra time involved in removing the hose clamp. But most won’t. It’s far easier and less risky to simply move on to an easier target that will allow them to get the job done in the usual 25 seconds.

Watch the ultra-short video below to see just how it’s done!



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Thomas D
18 days ago

My tailgate has a lock (factory supplied)
Isn’t that enough?
I have to open the gate to remove it. Just like my tonneau cover. It’s locked until the tailgate is opened

Neal Davis
18 days ago

I had no idea that people steal truck tailgates; wow!

Don H
19 days ago

If the clamp makes it impossible to remove the tailgate, then how do you put it back on after installing the clamp!?

George Osborne
19 days ago
Reply to  Don H

Same question. If your going to post a “how to” video, please show the entire process.

18 days ago
Reply to  Don H

He did not REMOVE the tail gate, he just opened it and let it down to flat position and installed the clamp.

Tommy Molnar
19 days ago

I haven’t heard of any tailgate thefts but I DO know they cost a fortune to replace (per stories on pickup FB sites).

Cookie P
19 days ago

Two questions:
1) How common is it for tailgates to be stolen?
2) What value does a tailgate have? Why steal it?

Bob p
19 days ago
Reply to  Cookie P

Tailgates are always being damaged, you don’t hear about them because it’s not newsworthy. Look up the cost of a tailgate, especially for a late model truck.

Cookie P
19 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

Thanks for the answer.

19 days ago
Reply to  Cookie P

To replace my tailgate which has a power lock and back up camera I believe it’s around $1500.00

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