Video released of deadly police motorhome chase


    Newly released video from KOB 4 TV in Albuquerque shows a wild police pursuit of a motorhome in June that turned deadly. It began in an RV park where police were attempting to arrest 40-year-old David Barber.

    But Barber had other plans. He sped off with the RV right in front of the officers, one slideout fully extended. On the long chase through town he caused multiple crashes, including with police cruisers and other cars. The pursuit finally ended with Barber crashing the motorhome into a passenger car. The driver of that car later died.

    The video is below.

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    In comment to the note above “Perfect example of when the police should NOT have pursued the suspect.”… disagree, he had no regard for life or property and had to be stopped.


    Perfect example of when the police should NOT have pursued the suspect. An all points bulletin would have gotten him without the loss of a innocent life.

    frater secessus

    Agreed, no need for pursuit here. But it’s human psychology — robbers like to run and cops like to chase.

    To make matters worse the report said the fatal accident occurred when the police performed the PIT maneuver.
    Taxpayers of Albuquerque will likely be making a large payout on this one.


    Why does he need a trial?
    Use the death penalty!!!!
    He is GUILTY No questions.

    frater secessus

    Jim, he needs a trial because the U.S. is designed to run on rule of law, not emotion or vengeance::


    Hopefully he spends the rest of his life behind bars.