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Video: RV burns! Where are the fire trucks?

You’ll go a long time before you witness a scarier scene than this one at a Midland, Michigan, gas station. It seems to take forever for the fire department to show up and then when it does arrive you wonder when the firemen might decide to start putting out the fire. We just hope the owner of this RV had a good insurance policy!

Why do we show you this? Hint! Hint! Check your fire extinguishers!



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Scott Taylor, FF/NRP
4 years ago

Kudos to those who commented on supporting the responders!

Using the time in the video, apparatus was on the scene within 5 1/2 minutes, and they were attacking the fire within another 1 1/2 minutes.

Anyone get hurt? Occupants? Bystanders? Responders? The rig was “toast” from the get-go, so let’s not hurt anyone trying to save debris.

Hey Chuck, unless you’ve been there/done that, best to reserve the negative comments.

4 years ago

OP: Are you a fireman? Have any training? Any experience as a volunteer fireman?

4 years ago

WHEW…Firemen did what they could to mitigate a VERY dangerous situation…What got me was ALL of the onlookers who just couldn’t figure out how much danger they were in….

4 years ago

Plus they went under the overhead roof which could have collapsed at any time. I wouldn’t have done it. Kudos to you for the steps and the VFD for everything they do.

Scott Gitlin
4 years ago

I can’t tell, but aren’t gas stations supposed to have sprinkler systems overhead? Not sure how effective that would have been in this case but just wondering . . .

4 years ago

Amazing that the gas pumps and underground tanks did not become involved. Did you see the burning debris against the gas pump to the right of the picture behind the firemen? Seems very dangerous.

John stahl
4 years ago

It would be nice to know what started the fire so I could make sure it did not happen to me

4 years ago

The fire truck was there under two minutes from toning out
The dept is volunteer so the truck arrived without enough folks to safely approach
The personnel had to don breathing apparatus that is absolutely essential
When the second truck arrives they had enough manpower to proceed and were assured enough water to succeed
I would have later a second line for the safety of those approaching the vehicle
There is no need to rush in without assurance you have backup with you
They in fact broke that rule when I only saw two firemen in the frames
They went ahead to curtail any further damage to the structure
The vehicle was lost by the time the alarm was sounded out
These are volunteers who drop whatever they were doing and rush to a cure someone else’s problem
It is imperative that they keep themselves safe in the process
In an event like this a minute seems like ten if you are waiting for them!

4 years ago
Reply to  Gflaflamme

Excellent breakdown on the steps necessary to get to and prepare to extinguish the fire. I also thought that the Volunteer fire department did a commendable job

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