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RV nightmare: How to prevent mold on a memory foam mattress

By Cheri Sicard
Memory foam mattresses are a popular way to upgrade RV mattresses. But did you know that mold on a memory foam mattress can turn your RV sweet dreams into nightmares?

It’s true that mold issues with memory foam mattresses in RVs can be a common headache. And once memory foam mold issues set in, there is sadly not much you can do besides get rid of that mattress.

The folks from New Family Dream learned this lesson the hard way.

The family made one fundamental mistake. That mistake then invited some nasty toxic mold to come and take up residence under their brand-new memory foam mattress.

What’s the answer? Prevention!

That’s where the video below covering how to prevent mold on a memory foam mattress from ever forming in the first place comes in. It also shows how to safely get rid of a moldy memory foam mattress from your RV.

So what was the family’s fundamental mistake that many other people make every day?

They failed to read the instructions that came with their mattress. If they had, they would have known NOT to place the memory flat mattress directly on a flat wooden surface.

Watch what happens when you neglect this important bit of information in the video. The couple has nasty-looking black mold growing UNDER the mattress. Mold that is beginning to spore and spread.

Even worse, the spores are growing INSIDE the memory foam mattress, not just on the surface.


How to prevent mold on a memory foam mattress

You MUST provide some breathability under your mattress. Placing the mattress on a flat wooden surface is inviting moisture to accumulate, and where moisture accumulates, mold grows.

The video covers these important points:

  • How to get a moldy mattress OUT of an RV with the least amount of mold and spore spread (if you are watching before you buy a memory foam mattress for your RV this will not be an issue for you)
  • The importance of dehumidifiers
  • How to protect wooden surfaces against mold – spoiler alert: bleach doesn’t do it!

While this video is a good resource to show you how to deal with mold on your memory foam mattress and how to treat your wooden platform, it does stop short.

While it tells you that you need to leave airspace under your RV memory foam mattress, it does not go into how to do it.

I suggest one of these two under mattress pads: one synthetic, the other all-natural.  Using either one will leave air space between the memory foam and the wooden platform and discourage moisture buildup.

Memory foam mattresses, while less expensive than custom-made RV mattresses, are nonetheless a substantial investment in your RV’s comfort. Combine one of the pads above with treating your wooden RV bed platform to prevent mold, and you can enjoy memory foam sweet dreams for years.



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17 days ago

Thanks for this article. We have a memory foam topper on our previous rv matress. This works for us. I checked under our topper and it is good. I am making the assumption that a topper on a mattress does not have the same conditions you are talking about in the article. If I do need to do something, please let me know.

Mr. R.
18 days ago

You seem to be very concerned for mould, wearing a respirator, goggles, gloves etc. Yet you allow your pet to wander around breathing in all the pores.

John Hicks
19 days ago
19 days ago

Never would have thought about mold under the mattress. Definitely going to get something for mattress to lay on. Thanks for this information.

Sally Wynn
19 days ago

Thank you for this info. This past weekend we just put a foam mattress in and I have a thin bedspread under it, will definitely be getting something else to put under there

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