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RV oven features and tips even experienced RVers don’t know

By Cheri Sicard
Your RV oven is for more than storage! Who knew, right? Seriously, your RV oven is a great piece of equipment, especially when you’re boondocking and you don’t have hookups.

But anyone who has tried to do anything more exotic than reheating food has already discovered that the ovens in RVs are not quite like the home ovens you may be used to.

No worries. The informative video below, from Kristin at No Ordinary Path, has you covered.

Even though I cook in my RV oven all the time, I still learned new tips from it.

Many RVers I know never cook in their ovens at all. For real. I have purchased more than one used RV over the years where, despite the age of the rig, the oven was brand-new and pristine as it was the day the RV left the factory.

Challenges of RV ovens

To be sure, there are some challenges and things to get used to.

Even though I am an experienced cook and professional food writer and recipe developer, some of my first attempts at cooking in the RV oven resulted in burnt food. Or at least food with some burnt spots.

RV ovens are notorious for hot spots and foods often do not cook evenly.

Because of the small space and the location of the RV oven’s temperature sensor, temperature readings may or may not be accurate, as well.

You’ll learn how to better handle and accommodate these and other common RV cooking and baking issues in the video.

Taking these tips into account can definitely improve the quality of the meals you prepare in your RV kitchen.

You might think there is no broiler in your RV’s oven. I did, but I was wrong. There is! This is probably the most useful thing I learned in this video. Who knew?

Kristin also covers the importance of having the proper cookware for your particular oven and how to determine what that is.

There’s even a bonus tip to turn your RV stovetop into a griddle!

Check out the RV oven tips below and get inspired to start baking, no matter where you roam.



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11 days ago

Where did you get the griddle for your stove top?

Thomas Delaney
11 days ago

I use a round pizza stone in mine to distribute the heat better

Marie Beschen
12 days ago

Great video! I’m one of the few who also use her oven, and love it! I didn’t know about the “broiler” tho, that was new to me, so thanks!

Cheri Sicard(@cheri)
12 days ago
Reply to  Marie Beschen

It was new to me too!

12 days ago

The video shows the stone covering most of the air vents while placed in the oven. the air holes distributes heat to above from the flame below.
I would recommend a little smaller one that does not keep the holes covered. Use rubber shelving type liners to secure in oven while traveling. Of course, make sure it is cool and off!

11 days ago
Reply to  Ran

Very true. Holes should not be covered. That is how heat gets distributed throughout oven. Otherwise a really great video.

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