Friday, December 8, 2023


38 years as a solo female nomad: Living large in a 4X4 pop-up

By Cheri Sicard
The video below brings joy to an experience that too much of the mainstream media paints negatively: Living as a solo female nomad.

If you are a single woman (or man, for that matter) who thinks they might enjoy RVing but are intimidated to go it alone, this video will have you rethinking those notions.

Beyond the sheer exuberance about RV life that Charlotte, a 38-year veteran of nomading, brings to the topic, she also shows just how little space and how few things one actually needs to live a happy and fulfilling RV lifestyle.

If you sometimes feel like your things are owning you instead of the other way around, the video below just might inspire you to get off your butt and get your clutter under control.  Even if you don’t plan to live full time in a 4X4 pop-up truck camper.

Over the years, Charlotte has accumulated a lot of hands-on experience with many different RVs.

The camper in the video below is Charlotte’s 3rd pop-up truck camper. She’s also owned three different hard-sided truck campers. Not to mention three different fifth wheels and a Class C motorhome.

Charlotte and her late husband were set up for off-grid RVing before off-grid was even a thing. Now that he has passed, she still loves and continues the RV lifestyle they started together.

I have often thought of putting a similar pop-up camper on my truck for times when I don’t want to take my full rig. Or for going places my full rig won’t. Or for when traveling with friends and family and needing an extra bedroom.

Everything Charlotte needs as a solo female nomad

Watching the video gave me a terrific tour of the features, the pros and cons, and ideas of how to outfit a camper for maximum storage and practicality.

Charlotte has everything that is important to her. She even carries along her electric bicycle on an innovative swinging carrier.

She also has found ways to deal with the small truck camper’s limitations such as the small 7-gallon black water tank and 15-gallon fresh water tank.

Charlotte finishes this interview with a short discussion about security concerns for single female nomads especially, although the tips certainly apply to all. So tune in and be prepared to be inspired.





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Gary F. (@guest_202442)
1 year ago

How do I meet this lady, I have been single since 2009. I have been RVing in my 40′ motor home Since 2008! I normally meet a lady and they finally find out that I live in a motor coach their comment is normally ” I could never live in a motor home”. My response to that is “I don’t recall inviting you to live in my motor home”! Maybe that is why I am still single???
Any suggestions Ladies!
I am currently living in Mesa, Arizona

Cheri Sicard
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary F.

I wish I knew those kinds of answers. Almost every place I have stayed in this last year I have been the ONLY person there alone. But the one or two exceptions I have seen have also been single women. I have yet to see any solo male RVers, although you are proof they exist.

Actually, we were talking about possibly having an online virtual meetup for single RVers in today’s RV Travel staff meeting. Am I to assume there might be interest in that?

Ron (@guest_202368)
1 year ago

Good one, Cheri. Nice to see an experienced camper talk about their different setups over the years.

Cheri Sicard (@guest_202434)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron

Thanks Ron. I thought it was a good one and Charlotte is certainly inspiring.

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