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Video: Thor Industries CEO talks about new tariffs, plunging stock prices

After riding high for years, Thor Industries has hit a bump in the road. In this eight-minute video from CNBC, Thor CEO Bob Martin talks with Mad Money host Jim Cramer about how the company is dealing with new Trump administration tariffs and the plunging price of its stock, which is off 39 percent from its highs. “It’s been brutal,” said Cramer. Martin tells Cramer that all is okay, but the popular TV host questions Martin about whether there’s something going on that could put the skids on RV growth. 


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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4 years ago

Pathetic!!! Thor should lose profit. Look at some of the crappy, quality coming out of the brands/plants. CEO does not have a clue about their product and lack of any customer support. Thor Motor Coach should be shut down for safety violations. My friends 2017 Tuscany had the main door fly open at 70 miles per hour (you talk about a frightened passenger) not to mention the leaky A/C units. Holes in the roof cut to big allowing drain water and rain to enter the coach. The list goes on and on…

Bob Godfrey
4 years ago

Love the term “decontenting”. Simply means they will either eliminate something from the standard equipment on board or cheapen it, whichever gives them more profit. It’s all part of cost cutting and increasing margins.

4 years ago

WoW!! Y’all think Thor is any different than Forest River or Winnie? Had it those and others. My last 3 were Keystone (Thor) products and much better than others. None are perfect, all far from it.
Held Thor for a few years and sold after Thanksgiving. Bought CW 1st day and sold already too. The stock market is a game, play only to win and have no emotions. FR is held by BRK and sold BRKA after many years as their politics are far from mine.
RV stocks will fall harder than many others at the next recession. Normal cycles.

4 years ago

Thor puts out a very poor product. Customer service stinks and warranty is laughable. They are concerned only with profits.

4 years ago

Maybe Thor’s stock is down not because of market and cost factors, but becAuse investors have figured out that they build crappy rvs and have zero customer service.

4 years ago

Yea, Kramer asked a lot of good questions but failed to recognize or inquire about the elephant in the room. Nonetheless, the word is getting out about the quality of the newer units and that is what is hurting sales.

4 years ago

Love the spin phrase “decontinting the unit.” (sp) you think you’ve seen QC issues! Ha! Hold onto what you have. Update, remodel, buy used proven products. Junk just became trash!

4 years ago

What a total waste of Web Space! Thor is only out for profit and controlling the RV Market.

They could care less about Consumers or Product Quality.

Thor usually buys up companies that are struggling to survive and then after they reap their little profits left in that company, they close it and shutter the business.

We are on our last RV. Unfortunately, REDWOOD RV was sucked up by Thor a few years ago. SO it goes.

I could care less how much THOR is hurting financially. When their profits soar, that means one thing. The CEO and Execs get new Corporate Jets and huge pay raises. While the Companies they own suffer by laying off people!


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