Monday, November 28, 2022


First timers create AMAZING delivery truck RV conversion


By Cheri Sicard
This impressive delivery truck RV conversion shows just what is possible with the help of YouTube videos and elbow grease. The team at Canadian Stealth started this build from scratch, with zero prior experience. Needless to say, they learned a whole lot about construction and design along the way.

It started with an empty delivery truck, but it looks nothing like that now!

There’s not a lot in the way of narration. But the time-lapse video gives you a great overview of what was involved in creating this unique tiny home. For anyone contemplating making their own RV, it shows how much work to expect and the steps to take in a logical order.

The video begins by cutting out a pass-through area so you can access the cab of the truck without going outside. They didn’t get it all right the first time. For instance, the video shows how NOT to remove tension from the door spring.

This creative RV conversion makes excellent use of space and uses lots of innovative ideas.

They removed the sliding back door and recreated it in a way that opens the space into a covered outdoor patio. The ceiling over the bed is made of painted pegboard and fiber optics lights that create a faux starscape inside. Their countertop is fashioned from painted wood scraps covered in Epoxy. There’s even a stylish stealth condo for the couple’s hamsters!

From a practical standpoint, this RV conversion is well-vented and well-insulated. An array of rooftop solar panels deliver power. There’s a shower and kitchen and all the comforts of home.

If this overview piques your interest and you like their designs, other videos on their channel show how to duplicate it in greater detail.


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Karen V
5 days ago

Great job!

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