Sunday, March 26, 2023


How to train dogs to stop barking at everything

By Cheri Sicard
Thankfully my current dog does not have an excessive barking problem, but I sure could have used Zak George’s “How to train dogs to stop barking at everything” video countless times in my life with other dogs. Especially when RVing in close quarters to others!

Zak George is my favorite dog training expert, but I just discovered he and his wife are also RVers!

Zak’s free “30 Days to a Perfect Pup” online course has helped get my new adult rescue dog into shape so fast, it turned me into a HUGE Zak George fan. Zak has a very gentle style of training that emphasizes positive reinforcements. It worked exceptionally well on my Queensland Heeler mix, Benito, and he has been flying through the lessons.

But barking is always its own challenge and one that RVers have to worry about, lest their four-legged friends are the cause of campground evictions.

I was curious how Zak would approach this particular problem and was surprised to find he and his wife in the video training their new rescue puppy from their RV while on the road.

I won’t give away his methods how to train dogs to stop barking as it merits watching the video. In it, he talks you through the whys of what he is doing along with the steps in how to train your dog. That’s because training the trainer is just as important as training the dog!

As an added bonus, the video will also show you how to train what Zak calls “the world’s easiest dog trick,” shaking hands.

This is not just for theatrics. Teaching your dog tricks can deepen your bond, occupy their mind, and distract them from unwanted behaviors such as incessant barking.

I predict I will be spending a lot of time on Zak’s YouTube channel in the future.



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1 month ago

Clickbait-author doesn’t tell you how to train dogs from barking, but tells you someone who might. Capitalizing on someone else’s business and you’ve brought nothing to the table except a waste of time. I gave article one star; it deserved none. However the system forced me to give 2.5 stars. Beware readers.

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