Thursday, October 6, 2022


Uneven cooling in your RV? Simple trick might help

Do you experience uneven cooling in your RV? Perhaps the bedroom is like an icebox and the living area like a sauna. (Okay, we exaggerate. But you get what we’re saying.) You might be considering buying a portable air conditioner unit to solve the problem.

But before you do, here’s a simple technique that might solve the problem. And as a bonus, it might help extend the air conditioner’s life. And it won’t cost you a penny and maybe in the long run save you money in repairs!

But this trick, not commonly known, requires no modifications, explains Josh Winters of Bish’s RV. It will only work, however, if you have a centrally ducted air conditioning system. The only thing an RVer with such a system needs to do is to reach up and adjust the vents or fins in the cool air intake vent. Josh shows you in the video.

“As simple as this is, I’ve learned that a lot of people don’t know about it,” said Josh.

To learn more, click to play the video below.


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1 month ago

I have a 50 amp 5th wheel and have a double door Dometic refrig. So I buy a 30 amp Soft Start plug for the electric source. How does that affect my refrig? Or is it recommended to have the electric changed just for the AC? Clueless??

Gene Sannes
1 month ago

I got uneven cooling no matter what I did. Then I following a past trick from RV Daily Tips, I got thin hard backed foam sheets and made a box around the duct, opened them up because they were partially covered with tape, and added directional ramps to the ceiling vent system that sends all the AC air to the ducts in my Grand Design Reflection RV. We went from cool right under the outlet duct to cool throughout the trailer. We seldom even have to run the AC in the bedroom.

Joseph Bulger
1 month ago

for those with the non ducted AC units where as the host points out that a lot of the air gets recycled a fix that helps out a lot is a air deflector. You can find them at the box stores in the heating section or you can build one yourself. Price is about $4-$5.00 depending on where you purchase.

Our motorhome has the whisper quiet ducted system and we still travel with a couple of small portable fans, nothing works better than air circulation.

1 month ago

Ok so I thought i didn’t need to hear this info! Boy was I wrong, very very informative, especially the dang noise that I get with that discharge port open! Now i can adjust it & get cold air into other place that need it.
Thanks for the great article