Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Video: What if vehicles had different horns for different things? This guy created just that

My husband, Wayne, does all the driving, so far, of the motorhome. On more than one occasion over the years he mentioned how he would like to have a special button to push on the horn to blast people into consciousness. Well, he used different words, but you know what I mean.

This engineer came up with some great alterations for car horns. Each horn means something different, and they’re actually, dare I say, polite? Maybe we can add a couple more options to the motorhome. What would you add?


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8 months ago

If people would just drive like they push their shopping cart there would be a lot more peace in the world.
Never mind, just went to the store. Good grief.

Mark Bob
8 months ago

I like Dave Barry’s solution. Nuclear land torpedoes.

Rolling Coal
8 months ago

I added a 2nd air horn to our coach, we call it the “underwear changer”. The horn is from a decommissioned train engine. It’s great to use for those motorists who pass us in the hammer lane then change lanes to be in front of us…. then slow down!

8 months ago

With so many RUDE people using their mobiles while at stop lights if they sit there for more than a second or two, I will lay on my car horn or better yet my twin air horns on my coach until they get the message. Plus I always have a HD Dash Cam running just in case they decide to start some road rage so it is well documented.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
8 months ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

We also have a dash cam in our coach. But I count to 3 at a stop light before using the air horn because of too many distracted drivers and they are not only stationary

8 months ago
Reply to  Dr4Film


I’ll let someone else use the horn. As for the cam- it won’t do you any good after you’re shot- except for maybe your surviving kin. These days moderation is they key I think. Also, the inventor’s horn buttons mean you take your eyes off the road I think.

Ellen L
8 months ago

I have wanted a way to do the double beep for years!

8 months ago

Great idea!

8 months ago

I like this idea! Good job.

8 months ago

Wonder if it would work for barking dogs at the campground.

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