A visit to Annie Oakley’s grave


    Old West sharpshooter Annie Oakley was born just north of Greenville, Ohio, and lived her final days there. She’s buried alongside her husband Frank Butler in Brock cemetery, a short drive north of town just off U.S. route 127. RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury visited there and recorded this video, revealing his special “connection” with Annie. Besides her fame as a sharpshooter, Annie Oakley is considered the first American female superstar.

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    If you visit the grave, be sure to stop at the wonderful Garst Museum in Greenville, where several rooms document the life of Annie (another exhibit pays tribute to Greenville’s other famous resident, radio broadcaster Lowell Thomas). You’ll see some of Annie’s outfits, dishes from her home, plenty of photos, and, yes, her pistols and rifles.

    Later in her life, Annie Oakley melted down all her medals and trophies and donated the money to children’s homes in the Cincinnati area. 

    Adult admission to the Garst Museum is $10. It’s open all year except in January.  205 North Broadway Greenville, Ohio 45331,  937-548-5250


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    Michael Fisher
    2 years ago

    Hi Chuck,
    I just finished your video on Annie Oakley and all of a sudden the past came to me.A coworker who worked with me at Boston Logan Airport for the Federal Government who told me back in 1975 that his mom was one of the Native Americans who worked for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.His mmomwas 103 years old and was part of The Peekomuse Tribe in the area of New England / CanDa.Isn’t that something ..I wonder if they ever met.Nice clip to watch….thanks for sharing. All the best!<fish<