Wacky RV includes a chicken coop


There is no end to the variety of recreational vehicles on the road. Take this one, for example. Not only is the paint job unique, but check out what’s on the roof. Yup, an honest-to-goodness chicken coop complete with hens!

So no need to run to the store for your morning omelette! Just climb up on the roof.

Thanks to reader Mary Carlson who sent these photos taken in an Oregon campground several years ago.

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1 year ago

We’ve seen this bus numerous times here in Oregon. We got to camp across from them a few years ago at a county park near Eugene, OR. They seemed like a nice family and their kids even put on a hula hoop show for us and got us to use their hula hoops. They were much better at it than we were. I haven’t seen them in quite some time but when we do it gives us a smile and pulls up a fond memory of our time as their neighbor. We refer to it as the Chicken Bus.

Deborah B
1 year ago

Seems a bit cruel to travel with those chickens up there. Enclose the box, or bring them in.

John Gillham
1 year ago

We have seen this rig twice at Oregon rest stops as well. They often were panhandling. Interesting and unique rig though.

Mark B
1 year ago

Now that is something to crow about!

Mary Hazel
1 year ago

I saw this! Several years ago at an Oregon rest stop!