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Weird, wacky RVs of the week

For November 23, 2019
Our writers and editors keep their eyes out for interesting RV-things as we browse the Web. And our readers are always sending us articles and photos of anything and everything related to RVs. What we enjoy the most are the photos. Here are a few we’ve come across one way or another this past week that we hope you enjoy.

If you know anything about any one of them, please leave a comment. And be sure to send any weird or wacky photos you find to us at editor (at) .

Nash Camper
Wow! This is about the weirdest looking motorhome we’ve seen in awhile. We know nothing about it other than it’s weird.

One-of-a-kind motorcycle camper
We’re about 99.9 percent sure this motorcycle camper did not roll off a production line. Do you know otherwise, or anything else about this most unusual recreational vehicle?

Tilt! Tilt! Oops!
Several readers sent us this photo, but didn’t tell us anything about it. Do you know anything? We-thinks something is not right here!

Maybe long gone
This was spotted in England in 1998. We could only find one reference to it and that was that it was torched by vandals sometime after 2000. If you know more let us know. This is one very cool, futuristic RV, and unusual for the U.K., where RVs are generally smaller than this.

Perfect Valentine gift
We know very little about this cute little trailer. But we do think if you really love it, you might want to show the photo to your favorite handyman (or woman) and ask for a bid on how much it would cost to make one for your Sweetheart? But better get going — February will be here before you know it!
Please send us your photos! Send to editor (at) .


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2 years ago

Re: “Maybe long gone” that ones got “photo shop” written all over it.

Dave J
2 years ago

My favorite section, Keep em coming folks. Please.

Hubie Hurst
2 years ago

I was wondering about the age of some campers that read this letter. My wife and I have been camping for over 61 years as we were married 61 years ago last June. I am 85 and she sees men and women camping that look older than that. So what is the age of your oldest camper reader?

Just me..
2 years ago
Reply to  Hubie Hurst

My Dad bought his last RV, 5th wheel at age 92. He camped in it over a year, Health issues made him leave the RV, and moved in with me. He passed at 94, shy 3 months turning 95.

Dietrich Kanzler
2 years ago

The one in ‘Maybe long gone’ looks kinda like the parent of the Tesla truck. LOL

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

That last one (the Valentine gift) HAS to be a “Burning Man” trailer. The scenery in the background even LOOKS like the Black Rock Desert.

2 years ago

Re: Tilt, tilt, oops!
That was posted in another group I follow; the discussion was that the camper tie down was welded to the frame instead of bolted. That caused the frame failure.

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