Thursday, October 21, 2021


More wacky RVs that are pretty darn weird

Here are a few more unusual RVs we’ve come across lately. None of these, we are 100% sure, rolled off an assembly line. Please leave a comment if you have information about any of them.

We believe this RV was located in the U.K. One report we read said it was destroyed by vandals. But we’re not sure about that.

This is darn cute, but we don’t think it would be in the fast lane headed over a pass in the Rocky Mountains!

What the heck would have inspired this wacky-looking RV? We couldn’t begin to guess. Maybe you have an idea.

This RV looks like it might be in trouble passing beneath a low bridge, but we know enough about this European RV that its top half slides down, making for a much more road-friendly machine.



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1 year ago

The FC RV with the tandem duals has a Cummins Diesel and a gorgeous interior. It was at Hot August Nights a couple of years ago if memory serves correctly.

1 year ago
Tommy Molnar
1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn

While it looks pretty cool, and took a lot of work to create, I don’t see a single window in this thing. I wouldn’t like that at all.