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Big changes coming to Walmart stores. Will RVers be affected?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
We’re not sure that Sam Walton would recognize the store that he spawned as “Walmart Discount City” back in 1962. While there have been a lot of changes since then, Walmart’s new design decidedly makes Sam’s original stores look somehow quaint. Haven’t seen one yet? It won’t be long before you do: Walmart’s new design is based on the digital age, and there’ll be 200 of them by the end of January. Give it another year, and the big corporation says it’ll have 1,000.

Digital age

Walmart is sold on the idea that going digital means more customers. The Walmart app is central to the new design. But if you don’t have the Wally app, fear not, the store will still serve you. Before you go, you’ll likely have checked yourself out using an electronic kiosk. But if you’ve got the app, in some stores you won’t even need to bother with a pause: Scan & Go, a part of your e-gear, will let you scan your purchases as you pick them up, then head out the door without further ado.

Got a shopping list, but aren’t familiar with the store layout? Not a problem – Walmart’s new design combines that Walmart app with aisles labeled with numbers and letters. Look at your app, you’ll find exactly where to go.

Signage upgrades

Even if you don’t have an app, Walmart’s new design will still point the way. On entry to the store, customers will find “way finding” methods reminiscent of a trip to a modern airport. Signage near the entry will direct you to major departments. Large graphics over those same departments will make them easy to spot.

Outside signage is also getting an upgrade with a nod to the digital age. So many folks are using their Walmart apps to pre-order groceries and other goods these days. The problem is like some have encountered: If you’re not familiar with the particular store where you’re making a pickup, where to go? A huge blue arch hangs above the area of the store where customers can drive to pick up their goods. Walmart says the signs will be so gigantic you won’t be able to miss them from nearly anywhere in the parking lot.

Still the RVer’s friend?

The entire process is aimed at pumping you through the store at a faster pace. For the health-conscious, even stores without the “scan and go” option will make contactless transactions standard fare. If you’re concerned about COVID-19 while traveling, the self-serve kiosks will cut down on exposure opportunities. The true “contactless” operation at “select locations” would beef it up that much more.

With Walmart’s new design, will it still be the RVer’s friend?
We don’t look to see airport-similar stacked parking garages replacing the acres of asphalt of today. We asked Walmart Corporate to comment on any changes that might mean less room for your RV. The company was kind enough to send us an automated reply, indicating they’d try to get back to us on the next business day. They didn’t. But with all we could gather, we saw nothing about decreasing parking lot sizes or any changes in RV overnight policies.

After we finally reach a Walmart spokesperson and get a firm response, we’ll let you know.

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1 year ago

Ok, so I am brand spanking new to all of this. How new? I have not even purchased my first RV yet! I am still in the research phase but do have it down to the Newmar Essex, Tiffin Allegro Bus, and the Winnebago Tour.

Question to all in the audience: why can’t Walmart just have a separate area for RV’s for one overnight stay only? No “camping”, but just a place to rest. Think of it as the free parking area on the Monopoly board.

1 year ago

Geez, why all the negative comments? When did so many people become literary critics?
Walmart is an RV’ers regular stop. When we are on the road and need something we find a Walmart. Easy access from the freeway, lots of parking, and they have everything. Coffee pot broke in Yakima, Washington- Walmart. Needed swimsuits and beach towels on the coast- Walmart.
Please keep writing articles for us. We appreciate you guys!
Asher, Kathryn, and the dogs.

joseph Del Guercio
1 year ago

we never stay at a wal- mart it is very un safe to stay in their parking lots. never in a nice location.

Judy Johnson
1 year ago

Depends on the location. Here in Maine your chances are good for a quiet uneventful night.

Lisa Ferguson
1 year ago

Walmart needs more handicap parking! LESS TECHNOLOGY

Louis Polsinelli
1 year ago

Yep — clickbait article
The title made me think there was information pertinent to RVers
You wasted my time & I don’t appreciate that.
This newsletter is much less useful than it used to be.
–Lou P

Dennis Letoile
1 year ago

So much negative comments, geez, lighten up people!
First, the article was spot on, it outlined the changes coming (first line of headline) then gave at the end Walmart’s effect towards RVers (which was no comment). Expecting a clear cut reply from Walmart (which already slants against RVers to some regard) shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Worried about cybercriminals? They are easier ways of messing with your life than hacking Walmart’s order system. Remember Tylenol tampering of ’82? Nobody ever caught for that and 7 died.

1 year ago

Title doesn’t Match content. Better known as click-bait. I won’t be reading your articles in the future. Thank you

Last edited 1 year ago by Allen
1 year ago

Thanks that was a useless waste of time

Jim Stinson
1 year ago

All I can say us if they are not going to have cashiers, they better drop their prices DRAMATICALLY

Roger B
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Stinson

I’ll use self checkout when there is a 10-15% discount on the end of my receipt. Untill then I will support the cashiers.

1 year ago
Reply to  Roger B

Exactly what I tell them when they tell me self checkout is available. Just on principal I will stand in the long line of the one cashier on duty.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Stinson

Cutting the job of their one checker per store isn’t going to save a lot 😏

Gary L Harmon
1 year ago

Walmart needs to treat their workers better Not just raise 2 departments. Increase everyone. .

Joshua Murphy
1 year ago, I won’t forget how you just wasted my time with this. Clickbait titles are a good way to lose loyal readers.

1 year ago

I remember when Walmart touted that it only sold American Made goods. Now just about every thing they sell (except groceries) comes from China. Also, think of all the people who will lose jobs when everything goes digital with the App. Walmart also used to have a policy of hiring the elderly and retired persons, I guess that goes away too.

1 year ago
Reply to  Suru

You might want to check the labels, a lot of products are from China in the food department.

1 year ago

Clickbait article.

a full-time traveler
1 year ago

Traveling fall 2020 we have been turned away from stores previous reported as allowing overnight parking. There are also more and more stores with height restriction poles at their entrances.

Bonnie J Hinton
1 year ago

In my opinion if they cut out the RVers, walmart wont be my family friendly store. Im not an RVer but will be soon and know many who are.

Lisa Marie Mead
1 year ago

First off when you use this App. In the stores you are setting yourself up to be harmed by criminals. There is a large group of people who work in Ton’s of proffessions that use technology and other strategies and tools to harm people. When you use this App your normal weekly grocery list will have some of the same products. If someone wanted to spread infection , poison you or give your food lists away to others that will target you and hurt you financially, medically and psychologically. There are criminal’s at work making technology that would be helpful harmful to you and your loved ones. There are millions of people who have been murdered by this group and they are waiting to prey on you. They make money off of sick, injured, dying and dead people in, so many ways and through so many businesses. When for example you buy medications over the counter,diabetic supplies, home care essentials , employees, the company and many other companies will know how to target you.

1 year ago

Example Covid 19 —China. Not to mention Asian flu, Bird flu…..etc.

1 year ago

I honestly think that the new designs and apps are gona push people away, I feel that most of the senior communities will face problems with this and the new technology, I myself can’t stand the internet or new phones, computers, tv’s ect….. they are becoming more and more a nightmare for older folks who really aren’t tech savvy! With that being said elders and seniors like to get out and shop in person (maybe not as much lately because of covid) but I know my grandparents and older parents do! However this new aged crap is bound to have issues and it is going to cost people their jobs as this means check out registers and check out clerks are going to be obsolete at this point. It is sad what Walmart is trying to push on people and it is pathetic, another reason everyone should not buy from them…..I don’t!

Cheryl Bacon
1 year ago
Reply to  Jackson

If the change in people’s shopping before and during Covid19 is indication, it is going to be very popular. I personally welcome it all because I seriously dislike shopping. I especially will not miss malls if they become obsolete.

1 year ago

the aisles have been marked with letters and numbers for quite some time now…nothing new there.

Roger B
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

We have found many stores that move merchandise but not the signage. Seems like every time we go into a new Walmart in our travels it’s arranged different from the last. They should be concentrating on uniformity, but that won’t make you hunt for your products.

1 year ago

Uhhh… that was a pretty lousy article for a site that allegedly caters to the RV community.

1 year ago

This was a pure click bate article. There was zero news about affects to RV parking.

That said, I have no idea why people who spend hundreds of thousands on RVs are so concerned about free parking at Wal-mart. I admit I’ve done it, but honestly I prefer a truck stop if I’m looking for free parking.

1 year ago
Reply to  jscott1000

Even truck stops are starting to charge for parking nowadays.

a full-time traveler
1 year ago
Reply to  jscott1000

The interest is because in some areas, rv parks want $50+ per night. When you are traveling between destinations and only need a place to park and sleep, that’s pretty expensive ! If you are full-time, that would be $18,250 per year ! Not everyone’s motorhome’s cost hundreds of thousands. Some of us buy newer used and spend a lot less, never the less when you retire, there is a limit to your income.

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