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Leaking water heater pressure relief valve? This tool will help

Do you have a leaking water heater pressure relief valve? Is it normal for it to leak? Sometimes there can be a slight leak from your water heater’s pressure relief valve, especially if you have not used it in a while. This leak can be normal and may indicate that your pressure relief valve just needs to be cleared to free any debris from the seal. It also might mean that you need to replace the valve if the leak continues.

A water heater pressure relief valve on an RV

Here is the RV technician tool that we use. It is called a T&P (temperature and pressure) valve remover.

This water heater pressure relief valve replacement tool allows you to safely and quickly remove and replace the temperature/pressure valve. The tool fits most water heater brands, which include Atwood/Dometic or Suburban. It is made to use a 7/8″ socket or wrench for changing out.

Here’s more on how these work:

Do you need a new T&P valve? Make sure to measure the thread size for your replacement valve. It is offered in the following sizes:

Dustin and Ashley Simpson own California RV Specialists, a successful RV repair shop in Lodi, California. Dustin and Ashley have years of experience, know just about every RV inside and out, and will share their perspective from “the other side.”


Have these RV water heater maintenance tools on hand



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Thomas D
26 days ago

I didn’t see anything about NOT putting a plug in the valve to stop leaking
if you would you could create a BOMB
the threads are in there to extend the blowoff to the outside or a lesser place that could be water damaged. I had one leak and only fix is to replace

26 days ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Great point here! Though uncommon, it happens. People see a leak and their first reaction is to try to stop the leak. If the P/T valve leaks, it’s failed or the spring and seal is full of calcium and sulfur.

Roger Marble
27 days ago

Don’t all hot water tanks have an air space at the top of the tank that would be filled with air? Isn’t that air space big enough to allow for the water expansion?

Brad Teubner
27 days ago

Leak is normal on some systems when water is heating. Expansion has no place to go so pops the valve for a few drips.

27 days ago
Reply to  Brad Teubner

If you install an expansion tank in your water system the T&P valve won’t leak. Water heating up expands and has to go somewhere so it will drip out the T&P valve.

Thomas D
26 days ago
Reply to  Crowman

very True but now we’ve wasted valuable space for the tank
cooler water might stop the dripping

Gary Broughton
27 days ago

I bought a very large cheap channel lock pliers that I’ve used several times. I used it to change a relief valve not a special one use tool. I changed ONE valve in 45 years.

Ron T.
27 days ago
Reply to  Gary Broughton

Yeah, if I had one it could go in the same drawer as my distributor wrenches. I haven’t touched them in decades either.

27 days ago
Reply to  Ron T.

Oh, that’s funny!