Friday, January 21, 2022


We do not want to own this RV. Nope.

If bubble gum and an RV had a baby…

We found this on the Facebook page and couldn’t help but share. Saying “Yikes!” is an understatement…

Facebook users commented:

“Gotta wear sunglasses in there” — Amy D.

“Where is Elvis?” — Julie S.

and Bonnie D. wrote, “Looks like something Elvis would have drove…😂”

“Ugh… I’m feeling a little uh.. car sick” — Mary Jane T.

“Wouldn’t want to have a hangover lol.” — Dianne A.

“Wow, man. The 70s are back!” — Larrybob R.

“What in the name of the 70s??” — Shane C.

“It’s like chewing tinfoil for me…” — Sue A.

What do you think?


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6 months ago

How do we know it’s an RV when all you can see is the cab? It could just be one of those decked out vans with a dragon painted on the side or something?

Bluebird Bob
6 months ago

Notice the people thru the windows don’t want to get to close to it?

6 months ago

I was warned but I was thinking more bright yellow not bright purple. Eye strain R us. To each his own. I know of two people who love purple. And one went so far to buy a purple painted car. The other just wears purple. It is different I must say.

Michelle Smedley
6 months ago
Reply to  jillie

I love purple and had a purple Firebird in the 90’s…but this is too much even for me LOL!

Sharon B
6 months ago

I think it’s cool but not my style. I hope the person really enjoys it

Richard Davidson
6 months ago

Ultimate pimp mobile!

6 months ago

Actually, it seems to be a VERY effective anti-theft method. 😉

Wayne Caldwell
6 months ago

That is But-Ugly. Nothing But Ugly!!

1 year ago

Wow! This surely makes the owner happy. And that is what matters. But…all I can think of is how it would accumulate dust!! Imagine……:”excuse me…I need to go and vacuum my dashboard” !!!! Nope. Not for me.

Lester R
1 year ago

As the Valley Girls would say
“Gag me with a spoon”

1 year ago

This is not far from what our 75 GMC Elegance looked like when we bought it!

Rory R
1 year ago

There is no rhyme or reason for one’s tastes. That reminds me of some of the “custom” Prevost buses, I’ve seen. You find out that the price tag was a cool $2.5m, and the interior design looks like a vintage Vegas brothel. But when you think about it, it was custom built to the design and taste of the owner. They paid for what they wanted…

Trippy tripp
1 year ago

Ask the question as if everybody was still in the 1970’s. See if the answers change. I know I had friends that drove vehicles with interior that looked exactly the same as this here RV, and were extremely proud to do so. Back in the 70’s.

1 year ago

WOW! That was a lot of work on somebody’s part and it looks like quality craftsmanship. I don’t care for that much pink, and even in a different color the style would not be my choice, but if the owner loves it, that is all that matters. I hope the owner has many safe and healthy miles in their creation.

Carolyn Sharp
1 year ago

Just have to say, our daughter has one almost like that!! Inside and out is crazy. We all love it!🎭

1 year ago

I wanna see the rest if it! Too Cool !

2 years ago

Is it wrong that I dig this? If Huggybear had an RV it would look like this.

2 years ago

Just proves there is something for everybody .. as Chuck says just “be nice”

2 years ago

There’s a pole for a dancer in the back, and the whole thing reeks of cheap, stale perfume.

2 years ago

What your gut looks like after a shot of Pepto.

2 years ago

Ok, I’ll admit it. I sorta love it! Its the Barbie Camper of my dreams!