Monday, December 4, 2023


If you wear a bra, the Racktrap might be for you

By Bob Difley

The RackTrap bra pocketWith a headline like that, how could you not read further? The fact that the frustrations of three marketing women executives, who got tired of lugging huge pocketbooks around, was the impetus for what would become the Racktrap speaks for its value to women who would like to quickly access money, credit cards, license, ATM cards and a key without rummaging through a purse.

Put simply, the Racktrap is a soft 4 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ pocket, that fits safely (thwarts pickpockets), comfortably, and dry inside a bra. It is large enough to hold essentials for running errands, trips to the gym, a morning jog, an afternoon hike, or for any other reason when you don’t need your entire purse.

Which is why (you may have guessed) it would be a very useful item for RVers that don’t want to lug along the kitchen sink on all those short trips we make around the campground, to the store, the beach, or on a bike ride through the forest.

The Racktrap is available in a Fashion Three Pack of white, nude and black lace, and a water-resistant sport version with colors to match every bra. Check it out on the Racktrap website or buy it on Amazon.

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Bob Difley (@guest_1199)
7 years ago

This may be a product that helps define the differences between Boomers and Millennials. My wife, who is an exercise instructor and hiker, didn’t find it useful, but my 33 year-old niece, who is a gym rat and runner, loved it. She said she already stuffs her membership card and money for an after workout snack into her bra. She found containing both in a RackTrap was the right answer for her.

Carol Erlingheuser (@guest_1193)
7 years ago

So in order to pay, I publicly reach into my bra ………..Uh,no.

Why (@guest_1134)
7 years ago


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