Holy smokes! This is one very weird RV


Reader Don Vlack sent this photo. “Here’s an interesting looking setup I saw in Florida,” he wrote. “I did not have a chance to talk to the owner.”

All we can say is, Wow! We’ve never seen anything like this on the back of a truck (or anywhere). Is it roadworthy? What do you think? Or better yet, do you know anything about this very unusual RV?

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Frank Scandalito

I talk to him at a post office one day it’s a truck camper under neath. He said he modified this himself.


Is that a double King or triple Queen bed over the cab? And the porch out back must be for the kids or perhaps the folks are vertically challenged? At any rate this thing must be made out of a thin aluminum skin without insulation or wood panel inside otherwise the weight would have truck springs flattened. With the length of the stuff sticking out the front it can’t be legal in very many places. I just know I would hate to have to drive it.


As of January 2020, the diamond plate monster is alive and well. I took a pic of it at Walmart- Fort Myers Fl. It appears to be succumbing to gravity a bit. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (I wasn’t beholding) 😋


FLORIDA…..Not like the rest of us! lol…


I so enjoyed looking at the picture of rig for awhile. My compliments to the designer/fabricator.

Ralph Pinney


Joseph Rogers

I would say that this rig would be highly unstable. Center of gravity, both length and height. I would think that it would be pulled over by police or state officers the first time on the road. I bet it is also over the gross vehicle weight also.

Tim Palmer

One word……



For the ones talking overweight? They build Class B/ C ‘s everyday on F350 and F450 chasis everyday


I have worked on aluminum trailers all my life. It may not be near as heavy as it appears.

Kimberly custer

This is weird RV but truck can’t pulling it will break down I never seen like this . I hope it will work but I don’t think so

Pennie Hahn

My late father was quite the inventor and built his own RVs. This one looks like something he would have built!


1) Hope that truck is a dually.

2) Hope the truck has heavy duty air bags.

3) Drive SLOW.

John Bloxham

There is no way that unit is legal to drive on the road!

Donald N Wright

This is interesting. I hope you can get a tour of the inside.

Tim H Lecluse

This is an intresting setup the overhang on front and back is extreme but the fab looks sound generator in rear, good. Make gas fill easy and noise and fume contamination unlikely. All drivline and motor/transmission part standard. Look to me that some reinforcmet on the frame in the middle is required.i’ll bet u need flagmen to park!

Bob Harnish

I would follow, pass, camp beside him, etc. Homemade and so many folks just shudder at them. I would strongly suggest the people that posted before me would read the horror stories of the “professionally manufactured RVs” stories above. Kitchens coming open, parts falling off, etc. going down the road.

james w. roberts

#1… just because you can doesn’t mean you should
#2… I’d like to compare the center of gravity on this to the stock truck’s, realizing the tire contact patches have remained the same
#3… wind


I have been a truck driver for over 20 years my first look at the truck it is well over weight. If you have dealt with a overloaded vehicle you would know driving down the road you are in a death trap. NOT SAFE AT ALL!

Marcia Liddiard

Think maybe pickup truck is a little overloaded with the camper!