What do you love about your RV?

Do you really, really love your RV? Is it wonderful? If so, would you please take a few minutes to tell the world about it? Well, maybe not the whole world, but your fellow RVtravel.com readers!

In other words, do some serious bragging. Tell us what makes you sooooooooo happy about the RV. Is it the floorplan? Is it how easily it drives? Is it because you never have a problem with it? Or is it because it has THE most comfortable bed in the Universe? Or is it because of a whole bunch of things?

You get the idea, right? So go ahead and fill out the form below. Try to keep your message under about 200 words (250 is okay if you just can’t help yourself). Please include a photo or two, and if you can include yourself or your special someone in the pic that would be great!

We’ll publish as many of these as space permits. It could take us awhile if we receive tons of responses, but we’ll get to them.


IMPORTANT: It is required to specify the make, model and year of your RV, and include a photo of it.

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What do you love about your RV? Is it one thing or a whole bunch of things? Keep it to 200-250 words if you can. You bought the rig and it's been great. . . so do some bragging.
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