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What we learned about you last week (November 16-22)


By Emily Woodbury

Hello from 33,457 feet in the air! That only means one thing! I’m on an airplane! From the map, it looks like I’m about to cross into Montana from Idaho. If you were in that area and you looked up and saw a plane (on Thursday at 12:45 p.m.), I was there wavin’ down at ya! Anyway, I’m headed back to my other home of Boston and New York for about ten days. It’ll be nice to get back and let my East Coast side run wild. For the record, though, Seattle still has my heart.

OK, well. I could get bumped off this non-reliable airplane WiFi any moment, so let me get through this before I come back up here to dilly dally.

In last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked you if there’s a person in your life you just can’t please no matter how hard you try (sorry if that triggered some negative thoughts or emotions for you). Whew! Close call! The majority of you (which, by the way, reader Wilyoung … maybe Wil Young? pointed out to me last week that I can technically only say “the majority” when it’s more than 50% of you. See? I do learn when I do this!), 51 percent, said no, but 49 percent of you said yes, there is someone in your life who you just can’t darn please.

Sunday’s poll was a bit controversial. We asked: True or false. Has Facebook made the world a better place? Ummm, no. It has not, according to 79 percent of you (THE MAJORITY! Sorry, just had to say it.). A small 13 percent of you think that Facebook has made the world a better place, and 9 percent of you don’t have an opinion.

Most of you don’t attend church services while out on the road, huh? More than half of you, 63 percent, do not attend services; however, 10 percent of you go at least once a week. A smaller 9 percent of you don’t go every week, but you go often, and 18 percent of you rarely go. That’s what we learned on Monday.

Tuesday’s question wanted to know: If the price of gas/diesel went up by $2 a gallon, how would it affect your RVing? The numbers were pretty close here (no majority though, Wil.). Exactly 30 percent of you said it would have no effect on your RVing, 32 percent of you answered that you would travel less often, 33 percent of you would travel just as often but fewer miles, and 5 percent of you would hang up the keys.

Hehe. Wednesday’s poll made me giggle. We asked you if you liked to dance and, actually, surprisingly, 13 percent of you love to dance! A little more than a quarter of you dance but it’s not that important to you, and 31 percent of you only dance when forced to. The last option said, “It’s a toss-up between dancing and facing a firing squad,” to which 30 percent of you voted. Ha!

You can easily guess my answer to Thursday’s poll question, which asked: How important is cell service when choosing a place to camp? Considering I hopped on the WiFi within 30 minutes of being on board my flight, I bet you can guess my answer. Exactly a quarter of you said cell service is critical, 64 percent of you said it’s important but not essential, and 11 percent of you said it’s not important. And, actually, I changed my mind. I think it’s great to be able to “escape” for a few days and get away from cell service and WiFi.

Okay, well. I am on a flight headed east, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I’m time-traveling. I’ll hop back in here tomorrow evening to learn about you based on Friday’s poll…

Hi! It’s been 24-hours, and I’m back! On Friday we learned that 19 percent of you were near the top of your class in high school. Just under half of you answered that you weren’t Einstein, but you got above average grades, and 30 percent of you didn’t flunk, but you just barely got by. A tiny 1 percent of you flunked out of high school, and 5 percent of you can’t answer our poll question because it may incriminate you. Ha!

Well, as our friends at Looney Tunes would say, “That’s all, folks!” We’re going to skip next week for the holiday, so since I won’t “see” you, have the happiest of Thanksgivings. Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones. See you in a couple of weeks.

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3 years ago

I enjoy your casualness and upbeat chats. Enjoy Thanksgiving

3 years ago

I enjoy your sense of humor and enjoying life. Happy Thanksgiving

John T
3 years ago

The price of gas does go up $2/gallon when I cross the border into California. I’ve paid as much as $4.80 in rural areas this fall. At Furnace Creek, it was selling for $5.55.

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