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What we learned about you last week (January 25-31)

By Emily Woodbury

Hi, friend! (That’s how my best friend starts every conversation and you know, I kind of like it.) 2020 has been off to a weird start. There’s some odd stuff going on in the world, many health problems…I don’t know. It’s just been weird.

One thing I wanted to share with you this week is this, a beautiful letter from a father to his children. We should all follow his wise advice.

All right, let’s jump back in time to last Saturday. What did we learn from you then? Ah, that’s right. We learned that most of you (just about half) full-timers travel with a motorhome and 32 percent travel in a fifth wheel. A smaller number of you, 16 percent, travel full-time in a travel trailer, and a tiny 1 percent of you spend your time in a truck camper. A few of you, 2 percent, answered “other,” and judging by the comments, it looks like “other” means either a pop-up trailer, a converted van, or a converted SUV. If somebody reading this wants to convince Chuck to help me buy a Sprinter van to convert, I’ll dedicate this whole site to you. Deal? 

Sunday’s poll asked you how important the exterior of your RV was when you bought it (we were asking about things like paint and graphics). We’ll start at the top and work our way down. So let’s see: 20 percent of you said the exterior was very important in your buying decision, 35 percent of you said it mattered, but not all that much, 31 percent of you said it didn’t really matter as long as it wasn’t “mutt ugly” (Hey! My mutt is cute!) and 14 percent said it didn’t matter at all.

Oh, boy. Monday’s poll was one of those with a loooot of answers. We asked you: Of these known professions, which would you want to be famous for? Ready for some numbers? Well, here ya go: 24 percent would like to be recognized for being a great musician, 21 percent as a great photographer, 16 percent as a great writer, 11 percent as a chef, 5 percent as a painter, and 4 percent would like to be famous for acting. The remaining 19 percent of you said “other.” Many of you commented that you’d like to be known as a great parent and/or spouse, others commented they’d like to be famous for being a great engineer or scientist. Tom would like to be a famous MLB player. Phil wants to be a professional race car driver (hope he doesn’t drive his RV that way!). And David wants to be remembered as a great pilot. Thanks for all your comments!

Ah, I think I can keep Tuesday short. We asked you about your online shopping habits, and on what device you do most of your buying. Even though mobile devices seem to be dominating everything else these days, the majority of you, 57 percent, mostly do your online shopping on your computer. Just under a quarter of you shop on your tablets most often, and 21 percent of you do it on your phone.

Okay so, hmm, at the grocery store later, let’s see, I need, ummmmm, avocado, spina…. Oh! Hi! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I have a bad habit of talking to myself. So do 73 percent of you apparently! At least that’s what you admitted to us on Wednesday. Well, here, let’s break that down: 22 percent of you talk out loud to yourself often, and 51 percent of you sometimes do. A little more than a quarter of you never speak out loud to yourself.

Close call on Thursday’s poll. Good thing you weren’t competing for anything. We asked you if you’ve traveled outside the U.S. in the last 10 years. Just over half of you, 51 percent, said no, you have not, but 49 percent of you have.

We asked you on Friday what device you were reading Friday’s newsletter on. A combined 42 percent of you were reading it on either a desktop or laptop computer (online shopping at the same time perhaps?), and just about a quarter of you read it on your tablet. And can’t forget about these handy things called smartphones, because 34 percent of you read Friday’s newsletter on one of those.

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! See you next week in February. (Woooohoo! I can’t decide if that was sarcastic or not. Another month of winter, but another month closer to spring.)



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3 years ago

I too answered no – because I think Canada is still in North America. We were in Canada twice!

Jim Carter
3 years ago

One comment on the results of Thursday’s question. I believe the question was if we had traveled outside of North America – that is very different than asking if we had traveled outside of the U.S.
For example, I answered no – but we have traveled and camped in Canada.
Just my thoughts.
Thanks for these informative and interesting surveys.

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