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What we learned about you last week (December 15-21)


By Emily Woodbury

Ho ho ho ho…oooooly cow! It’s almost Christmas! Hopefully your gift shopping is done, your stockings are hung by the chimney (er, electric space heater) with care, and you’ve got a nice glass of eggnog with you (preferably spiked). What I really mean to say is, I hope you’ve found a way, during this sometimes hard, stressful time of year, to relax and reflect.

We asked mostly RV-related questions this week (this should please most of you), so let’s get to it.

Well, they’ve got the best of both worlds! From RoadCEO.com

In last Saturday’s newsletter (which, despite the website being a little funky, we hope you got to read), we wanted to know: Is your RV your only home? We learned that most of you, 67 percent, own a home and RV part-time; however, 30 percent of you say your RV is your only home. A tiny 3 percent of you answered that you own a home, but you RV full-time. Sounds like y’all are livin’ the life! Me? I rent an apartment with a large dog who is currently squeaking her favorite birthday-cake toy in my ear. Ah, quiet life on the road sounds prettttttty nice…

On Monday, we rolled out of bed and wondered if you’d ever been in an accident with your RV. We breathed a sigh of relief when 83 percent of you said nope, no accidents. A small 10 percent of you have been in a fender bender with your RV, and 5 percent of you answered that you’ve been in an accident that caused serious damage to your RV. Yikes, 23 votes say you’ve been in an accident so bad that it totaled either the other vehicle or your RV.

PlaneTuesday’s poll wanted to know if, when traveling, you’d rather stay within the U.S. or leave the country. The majority of you, 76 percent, would rather stay within the U.S., 16 percent of you would rather leave the country (you said you’d go anywhere), and 8 percent of you said you’d rather leave the country but only go somewhere they spoke English. We got a lot of, ahem, interesting comments on this one but I liked what Bobkat3080 had to say: “My wife and I have traveled in 39 different countries on 3 continents on a GoldWing motorcycle towing a tent trailer over the last dozen years. Only 4 have English as an official language. It is amazing how many average citizens in other countries speak some to fluent English. Getting away from tourist areas is a great way to meet some nice people, find new foods and see great sights. English is not required to have fun.”

On Wednesday we wanted to know what condition your RV is in. Luckily, most of you, 49 percent, say your RV only needs minimal work done to it, and a large 39 percent of you said your RV doesn’t need any work at all. Great! Only 2 percent of you answered that your RV needs a lot of work and the remaining 8 percent of you said that either the inside or the outside needs some/a lot of work, but not both.

Lastly, on Thursday we asked about your “bucket list,” which, yes, was certainly a term before the movie came out (cute movie, by the way). There was a lot of pushback on this question in the comments (I think I mentioned last week that we should take things lightly?), but I appreciate those who answered anyway. Almost half of you, 42 percent, say there are still 20+ things on your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish. A small 7 percent of you say there are between 10-20 things left that you’d really like to do, and 5 percent of you say somewhere between 5-10 things remain on your list. Another 5 percent of you don’t know what a bucket list is (here you go) and 3 percent of you answered, “0. I’ve done it all!” If you want to build a great travel bucket list, start with this book. (Jeez, Emily, how many links can you put in one paragraph?)

Well, I sure wrote a lot! Speaking of bucket lists, I’ve got a “to-do” list about as long as Santa’s “nice list” to plow through today, so I’m going to sign off.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, the happiest of holiday celebrations, and the most joyous ringing in of the New Year.

We’ll see you back here in two weeks. Cheers.

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