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What we learned about you last week (January 12–18)


By Emily Woodbury

I was about to say, “How the heck can it be Friday again ALREADY?!” And then I remembered what Chuck wrote last week: “How can it be 2019? Wasn’t it just yesterday most of us were staring at the clock at midnight in the final moment of 1999, waiting for the power across America and the world to shut down, sending the planet into chaos?” How is it that time flies SO fast? Here’s an interesting article I read a few days ago, about how time goes more quickly as we age. But, as the article states, time really isn’t going any faster, so I hope you’re taking some time this chilly January to make the most out of every moment. Now speaking of not rushing things … let’s get into what we learned about you last week!

Chuck’s quote above is from last Saturday’s poll where we asked you, “How did 2018 treat you?” Half of you, 51 percent, answered that it was a good year, and 30 percent said 2018 was great. A chunk of you, 17 percent, said it was a pretty rough year and you’re glad it’s over, and 3 percent of you said 2018 was terrible. In the comments, many of you wrote about health issues you or your partner may have had, many of you wrote about hurricanes and failed camping plans, but many of you mentioned adventures you had and beautiful places you saw. As beloved poet Mary Oliver, who died this past Thursday, wrote, “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

On Monday, we were back to our usual, “Oh, how I wish it were summer” thoughts, and we wanted to know if, on a sizzling hot day, you’d use the pool at the RV park or campground. Nope, 60 percent of you said you wouldn’t use the pool (you mentioned kids, and some things that kids do in pools that they shouldn’t…), but 40 percent of you answered that you would use the pool to swim.

Are you feeling lucky? On Tuesday we wanted to know if you play the lottery. More than half of you, 56 percent, said no or almost never, 34 percent of you said you’d play it on occasion, and 10 percent of you said that you play the lottery often.

CPRWe are pleased to know that, according to Wednesday’s poll, 74 percent of you have had formal training in CPR, but 27 percent of you have not. Hey, that’s not a bad ratio.

On Thursday you told us you’re not planning on buying an RV in 2019 – well, 78 percent of you aren’t, at least. Only 3 percent of you will definitely buy an RV, 5 percent of you might buy one, and 14 percent of you aren’t sure if you’ll buy one, but probably won’t.

My friends and fellow travelers, enjoy your week and remember to take it slow and appreciate the little things. I will see you back here in what will surely feel like a blink. Take care and stay warm.

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Bill and Karen Massicotte
3 years ago

We are glad you are on board. Do you miss the BIG Apple? Keep up the good work. Your Dad is proud of you.
Lots of luck in your future.