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What we learned about you last week (January 26 – February 1)


By Emily Woodbury

Hello! Happy February, and even more importantly, happy Groundhog Day! As a country, we’ve been anxiously awaiting Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast since 1887 (that’s one old groundhog!), when the tradition was started. While we can cross our fingers for no shadow tomorrow, it’s said that Punxsutawney Phil is only accurate about 40 percent of the time. However, Staten Island Chuck (who’s been at it since 1981), is accurate about 70 percent of the time.

Well, enough about groundhogs! It’s you we want to learn about.

Last Saturday we learned that most of you are pretty kind, thoughtful people. If 49 percent of you found $1,000 in an unmarked paper bag, you’d give it to authorities; however, 38 percent of you said you’d keep that $1,000. We got a whole lot of comments here since 13 percent of you answered “other.” Dick Z said he’d ask the police if anyone reported it lost, and if not, he’d keep it. Sharon B (along with many others) would donate most of it to charity. Cindy says, “Finders keepers,” and Cactus Jack says he wouldn’t touch it because it probably belongs to a drug deal (interesting theory there, Cactus Jack). Sherry Dawson says she’d report it, hoping there’d be fingerprints on the money to ID the person, and a goofy Mike said, “Keep it and spend it as I see fit. If the idiot was dumb enough to lose it I’m smart enough to keep it.”

According to Monday’s poll, 89 percent of you did not rent an RV before buying one, but 11 percent of you did.

On Tuesday, we wanted to know what you typically listen to while driving down the road. Most of you, 37 percent, answered that you listen to music on the radio, but 21 percent of you say you like to drive in silence. Tied for third place at 15 percent, you said you either listen to music apps (like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.) or the news. Some of you listen to audiobooks (*raises hand*), and a few of you listen to podcasts.

One time, a man assaulted me with butter, milk and cream – how dairy! Sorry, I was trying to make a funny butter pun, but the margarine for error was too big. On Wednesday, 69 percent of you told us that you mostly use butter in the kitchen, and 22 percent of you use margarine. Does anyone else agree that they think the 9 percent who don’t use either are missing out on one of life’s greatest offerings? As Julia Child once said, “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.”

On Thursday, we learned that your memory might not be as good as you say it is, since we asked you to pleaseeeeee not make political comments, but you did anyway. We wanted to know if you’d be watching the Superbowl this weekend and if so, where? Most of you, 37 percent, will not be watching the game, and 35 percent of you will be watching it at home. A chunk of you, 20 percent, said you might end up watching it, and 8 percent of you will be going to a Superbowl party.

Listen, no matter what your politics are, or how you feel about the NFL, just go to a Superbowl party for the food… I couldn’t tell you one thing about football, but I looooove buffalo wings and chips and salsa and Trader Joes appetizers sooooo… Hey, you can’t talk politics with a mouth full of food! Am I right?

Well, dang, I successfully made myself hungry! Have a great week, folks, and remember – don’t drink and drive.

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3 years ago

I still think Tuesday’s poll was incomplete because you failed to include an option for those who use ipods, mp3 players, or even (gasp!) still have CD’s.

3 years ago
Reply to  squeakytiki

Oh my God, what about cassette tapes?
sorry if I misspelled cassette.
My DW has plenty made just for her.

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