Monday, September 26, 2022


What we learned about you last week (July 20-26)

By Emily Woodbury

My plan was to start this off by giving you a few of my favorite websites and apps to learn something new, but then a quick Google search pointed me in the direction of Learn Something New (what a creative name, right?), a website that’s done all the work for me. Click here to explore 150 websites and apps that will teach you something new. You can learn piano for free, learn Polish, learn how to design a website, ride a bike, fly a kite, sew, grow an apple tree, and much, much more.

OK, so, what did we learn about you last week? Well, jeesh, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out!

According to last Saturday’s poll, I’m sure the 52 percent of you who answered that you’re more financially stable than you were five years ago are feeling pretty good, hmm? About a third of you are in just about the same position financially as you were five years ago, and 14 percent of you are in a worse position.

Speaking of Monday, how are you liking the new RV Daily Tips Newsletter? Chuck’s been putting some long hours into it the last few weeks and he was hoping to make it a little more RV and travel-focused, per your requests. Is he doing a good job (feel free to say no, heheheh)? Anyway, on Monday we asked you if your RV has automatic levelers and the numbers were pretty even: 52 percent of you answered no, but 48 percent of you answered yes.

Why do golfers carry an extra pair of pants? In case they get a hole in one! That was a teerific joke, wasn’t it? On Tuesday we learned that 71 percent of you do not play golf, however 22 percent of you play, but rarely. A small 7 percent of you don’t putter around – you play all the time!

On a completely different note, Wednesday’s poll wanted to ask how often you square dance (going to add this to our “most-random-poll-question” list). Not surprisingly, 97 percent of you never square dance. A small 3 percent of you (66 votes) square dance every once in a while, and a teeny tiny 1 percent of you (16 votes) square dance very often! Reader Kaeleen Buckingham wrote, “My husband and I met square dancing and still love to dance. If you have not tried modern square dancing, you should. It is NOT what you did in school!” Well, you heard her, give it a go!

And lastly (don’t get too sad), Thursday’s question asked if you’re afraid of spiders. As RVers, I’d kind of hope not, but hey, sometimes you just can’t help it. Exactly half of you are not afraid of them at all, and 40 percent of you are scared but only a tiny bit. That leaves the other 10 percent of you very scared of spiders. Look at that little guy to the left though. You can’t deny he’s cute (in a weird way). Take a look at other up-close photos of spiders here – they’re adorable!

Well, I’d say that was pretty educational. I certainly learned some, well, interesting (if you want to call it that) things about you this week. OK, gotta jet. I’m off to another camping trip! See you in August (next week)!


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3 years ago

On an Android phone the spider is not to the left like on a computer, it is above.
Yuck!!! I have also learned that we all have micro spiders living in the pores of our face with no way of getting rid of them. It gives me the CREEPS every time I think about it.

3 years ago

How about bring back the brain teaser questions on the weekly issue. Love the corny jokes!

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