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What we learned about you last week (July 28 – August 3)


By Emily Woodbury

Happy August, folks! Or, if you’re like me and in Seattle, happy January! I’m writing this as the rain “pings” the metal on my balcony railing. When I call out to hear if August is still there, the wind throws the words right back into my face. Sigh. Anyway, onwards …

Last Saturday, our newsletter poll asked how important is it to you to socialize with other RVers at RV parks. If you remember the week prior, we wondered if you were popular in high school, and the results of these two polls match up pretty dang well. The 89 percent of you who said you weren’t popular in high school is probably the same 92 percent of you who say you like to keep to yourself in RV parks. The 11 percent who said you were popular in high school, are probably mingling with the 8 percent who answered you do like to socialize in RV parks. Interesting, huh? 

We’re happy to hear that 84 percent of you have never had anything stolen from your RV (from the outside or inside!). [Insert sigh of relief here.] However, 12 percent of voters said they had something stolen from the outside of their RV, and 4 percent (about 91 people) say they’d had something taken from inside. Reader Bill B. reminds us, “The majority of RVs I’ve looked at have shared a common key/lock on many outside access doors. The key is marked ‘CH751’ and is in possession of thousands of RV owners, service techs, salespeople and others in EVERY campground and dealership!” 

On Tuesday we asked where you get your news (nobody flattered us by saying RVtravel? Come on!). Most of you, 43 percent, say you get your news from TV, while 35 percent answered you get your news from an online publication or newspaper. There are still a few of you, 7 percent (or 151 votes) who read a physical newspaper for the news. A few of you get your news from the radio or social media, and 4 percent of you say you don’t read the news at all. 

Sometimes, when I’m really hungry, I’ll invite my pickiest friends out to dinner. It usually means they’ll give me all the things they don’t want! On Wednesday, we asked how picky of an eater you are. Almost half of your votes, which was about 45 percent, say you like a lot of foods but won’t try anything too adventurous. What counts as adventurous? We’d like to travel with the 36 percent of you who answered you’re not picky at all and you’ll try anything once! For the 11 percent of you who say you’re pretty picky but will try new foods when you travel (bravo!) and the 8 percent of you who say you’re very picky, may we suggest this recipe book? Kidding (though this makes a great gag gift).

Now let’s get back to some RV talk, shall we? Do you wash your RV yourself or have it done professionally? That’s what we asked on Thursday. Most of you, 66 percent, say you always wash it yourself, and 5 percent say you always have it washed professionally. The remaining 20 percent of you say you mostly wash it yourself, and 10 percent say you mostly have it washed professionally. 

And on that note, I think it’s time I go wash myself (and no, I won’t get that done professionally). It’s shower time! Have a great week, everyone. Thanks for all the votes. 

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4 years ago

Cheeer up, Emily! Maybe the “35 percent[who] answered you get your news from an online publication or newspaper” were referring to

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