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What we learned about you last week (June 29 – July 5)

By Emily Woodbury

Happy 5th of July (probably 6th by the time you read this)! I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th. Did any of you do anything super exciting, interesting, or out of the ordinary? Tell me in the comments below – I want to know!

I spent a good part of the day packing for my upcoming weekend camping trip (I’m not a pro like you all are), and now my living room is littered with things like lanterns, matches, propane, first aid kits, and instant coffee. I’ve got my good ol’ handy tent, but if any of you wanted to lend me an RV for the weekend, gee, I wouldn’t complain.

OK, let’s jump into things so I can jump into camping! Saturday’s poll was disappointing to Chuck, who really wanted you all to get the correct answer. (He wrote more about this in today’s newsletter.) We asked how you would respond in the event of a tire blowout while driving. I’m happy to report that 67 percent of you would do the correct thing (make note here!), which is to press the gas pedal (accelerator) lightly to maintain control, then slowly ease off it while staying in your lane, and finally pull over to come to a complete stop once you’ve slowed dramatically. A large 33 percent of you would step off the gas pedal entirely and steer the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the blown tire (nope), and 1 percent of you (which was 16 votes) would hit your brakes hard to stop as soon as possible (extra nope). Be careful out there, folks! We like all of you and would like you to stick around a while longer.

Monday’s poll answers told us that most of you don’t drink alcohol (33 percent of you). Whaaaaat? Teach me your ways! I rarely drink, but I do appreciate a tasty Belgian Witbier (if you’re on the East Coast and have access to an Allagash White, have one for me! I miss that beer…a lot) or a lovely, refreshing summer rosé. Maybe the 27 percent of you who say beer is your alcoholic beverage of choice are familiar with Allagash (from Maine). About a quarter of you, 21 percent, prefer wine, and 17 percent of you like to drink hard liquor. A few of you, 2 percent, answered “other.” Reader Tommy Molar said he couldn’t vote because he likes them all equally (let’s be friends?) and reader Gene Bjerke wrote, “Our drink of preference once the motorhome is settled in for the night is a Cuba Libre (rum and Coke with a squirt of lime).” (Gene, we can also be friends.)

Stay back from the edge! How many of you have screamed that to your kids or grandkids over the years? On Tuesday we learned that 53 percent of you are not afraid of heights, but a significant 47 percent of you are. Just a wild guess here, but I don’t think you’d do well on these rides.

We know many of you don’t like Facebook (and we respect that). In fact, according to Wednesday’s survey, 34 percent of you don’t even have a Facebook account. We wanted to know how often you post something on Facebook for those of you who do have it, and 7 percent of you told us that you post every day. Another 7 percent of you post about every other day, and 9 percent of you post once a week. A small 11 percent of you post maybe once a month, and 33 percent of you hardly ever post.

Well, I don’t think Thursday’s poll will take too long for me to explain. We asked if you’d ever rented an RV to travel outside of North America, and noooooope, 98 percent of you have not. A tiny 2 percent of you have though – cool! Reader Bill J wrote, “Years ago, when the kids were younger, we rented a Class C in Perth, Australia, and spent a few weeks crossing the country. Since we intended to go through the Big Red Center, largely unpopulated, an RV made a lot more sense than trying to find a hotel each night. Our most memorable campsite was in a place called Simpson’s Gap. So wild and remote that the dingoes kept us up at night, and the Southern Cross was so bright it nearly knocked us out of bed. Would love to go back.” That’s pretty darn neat, Bill. You’re lucky you got to have that experience.

Well, kids. That’s all for me. Lots of work to do still, lots of packing to do still, and it’s about time for another cup of coffee. We’re taking a break from our Daily Tips newsletters next week (we’re switching some things around on our email platform), but we’ll be back the following week as good as ever! See you in two weeks.


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Dale Gilbert
3 years ago

I did not received any day e mails last week

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Dale Gilbert

You’re not the only one, Dale. 😉 We didn’t send any RV Daily Tips newsletters out last week as we were in the process of updating them to make them even more interesting and informative for you. (We had put the notice in the previous week’s RV Daily Tips that there would be none going out last week.) We hope you like the new format. You should get the first one tomorrow. 😀 —Diane at

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

You won’t ever, EVER, E V E R catch me on one of those crazy rides. Looking out the window at the top of the Sears Tower (or whatever they call it now) in Chicago is about my limit. Ha.

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