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What we learned about you last week (March 23-29)

By Emily Woodbury

Howdy, friends! Nice to see you here again. Thanks for joining us for another wonderful, exciting, dare I say thrilling edition of What we learned about you last week! Well, it’s probably not thrilling, but let’s pretend.

Before we get started, as you know, I always try and think back on the previous week and remember what new things I learned. I’ve learned a lot this past week, thanks to the book I’m currently reading (a little more than halfway through). The Food Explorer: The True Adventures of the Globe-Trotting Botanist Who Transformed What America Eats by Daniel Stone is one fascinating book. Stone tells the story of David Fairchild, a late-nineteenth-century botanist (and food explorer) who traveled the world to introduce foods and plants to America. In a time when we’re so focused on where our food comes from, this is a fascinating read on where our food came from. Highly recommend if you want an entertaining and informative read.

OK. Now, let’s see what I can learn about you.

Well, for starters, in last Saturday’s poll I learned that a whole 69 percent of you never listen to podcasts, and a small 17 percent of you listen to one every once in a while. Only 14 percent of you listen to them often (what are your favorites?).

Chuck’s cover story last weekend informed us that Camping World now sells firearms. For starters, this post got 408 comments (a record, I believe), so it seems you had a lot to say. Though Chuck’s post stated that he was writing from neither a pro- nor anti-gun viewpoint, many of you still were vicious in your comments (honestly, some of them were so harsh they really put a damper on our day). Despite more than a third of you saying you were pleased with Camping Word selling firearms, almost half of you, 47 percent, said you weren’t happy about it. Sixteen percent of you don’t care one way or the other.

Moving right along to a much better-smelling topic, on Monday we wanted to know if you wear cologne or perfume. A smelly (just kidding) 61 percent of you answered that you never wear the stuff, and a slightly less-smelly (kidding again…) 25 percent of you wear it infrequently. Only 7 percent of you wear it often, and another 7 percent of you (mmm…is that a Gardenia, moss, sun-kissed Georgia grass blend? Kidding…) wear it all the time.

On Tuesday (sorry, folks, this is turning out to be a long one) we learned that 76 percent of you took typing lessons, and 24 percent of you did not. (There! I kept it short.)

I lost my mood ring on Wednesday. I don’t know how I feel about that. (Click here.) Are you sick of my awful jokes yet? Good. Nearly half of you, 45 percent, only wear one ring (according to the comments, that’s your wedding ring), but 36 percent of you don’t wear any rings at all. Some of you, 14 percent, wear two rings, and only 6 percent of votes say you wear three or more.

Ya know, you kinda disappointed me on Thursday. A whole 32 percent of you can’t remember the last time you and your partner went on a date? Come on! It’s time for a date, people! A good 13 percent of you get a pat on the back for going on dates more than once a week, and the 22 percent of you who go out on dates once a week, well, you also get a good pat. A decent 18 percent of you go out on a date once a month, 12 percent of you go out once every few months, and only 3 percent of you go out once every six months.
*Also, just a note here. We’re sorry we didn’t give the option for “I’m single. No dates with a partner” on this poll. As we’ve said plenty of times before, we can’t make a poll option for every one of you. (You know how long these polls would be?! I know many of you have gray hair, but I don’t, and I would be entirely gray by the time I wrote out all those options.)

Well, now that I’ve typed a novel, I better go. Lessons from this week? Read a good book, try listening to a new podcast, try and work on your judgments towards other people, and take your partner out on a date, for Pete’s sake! (Oh, here’s where that phrase came from, by the way.)


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Tom Gutzke
3 years ago

I said my wife and I don’t go on “dates” when filling out the survey. Thinking about it, though, it seems like when we do go out [shopping, doctor, movie] it seems like it’s always a date. We just enjoy doing things together.

Lori Singels
3 years ago

Well, Emily, I belong to most of the “single RVer” RV clubs, so I need to inform you that I estimate maybe 20% of us out there are riding solo. To be completely closed out of an RV site that gives no acceptance to that status by not being inclusive in a “dating questionnaire” is disappointing to loyal followers of this website, to say the least. How would the couples members feel if a question were posed solely for a single person? Think about it. I’ll have to rethink my support.

3 years ago
Reply to  Lori Singels

“How would the couples members feel if a question were posed solely for a single person?” As a married person it wouldn’t bother me in the least. It’s very easy – If a poll doesn’t apply to me I don’t answer it and just move along. I learned along time ago that, sadly, it’s not all about me. The whole concept is supposed to be fun and I enjoy seeing the results whether I participated or not. But I guess as per Chuck’s op-ed on the weekend, being angry and over-sensitive is the new normal.

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul

I also asked my husband this question and we both agree, single or partnered (we’ve only been married 5 years) we are not offended by any category we are in, or not in, being left out. It’s just all wonderfully interesting, friendly, non political info. As as society we have become so sensitive and feel every one should always think of every circumstance when doing anything. It’s very tiring, ie. boring. None of us are that important and I cannot imagine anyone stopping reading, frequenting or purchasing anything from anyone because our sensitivities have been offended. Likewise regarding the “blowup’ comments on Camping World. We need to all begin to think and not shoot the messenger!!

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