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What we learned about you last week (May 25-31)

By Emily Woodbury

Howdy, RVers, and happy June! Any neat plans for the month ahead? Traveling anywhere new? Reading any new books? Taking on any DIY projects around the home or RV? Tell me in the comments below! You know I’m always excited to hear about what you’re doing and what new things you’re learning. Learning new stuff is what this is all about after all, right? Here’s a list of 50 great quotes about learning and expanding that brain of yours.

OK, now let’s see what we learned about you last week…

Last Saturday we were curious to know if you plan on traveling more in the next year than you did in the last year. Turns out that most of you plan on traveling more than you did last year (41 percent) and 37 percent said you’ll probably travel about the same amount. Only 19 percent of you will travel less this year than last, and 3 percent of you aren’t sure yet. Where are you most excited to travel to?

Starting off the week, Monday’s poll question asked: Does your RV have a roof ladder? Yup, for 77 percent of you it does, but for 23 percent of you, it does not. Never trust ladders…they’re always up to something. (Ha.)

Tuesday gets the “The-Most-Exciting-Poll-Question-Of-The-Week” award (we’re kidding) by asking if you use bar or liquid soap in your RV to wash your hands. Wow. Bet you can’t wait to hear the results of that one, can you? Get excited… Not surprisingly, 86 percent of you use liquid soap to wash your hands and 14 percent of you use bar soap.
I used to be addicted to soap, but then I got clean.

Level up! On Wednesday we asked you how often you play games on your phone, tablet or computer. The majority of you, 31 percent, never play games on your devices, but 24 percent of you say you play games every day (and you never miss a day). A chunk of you, 18 percent, play most days, 11 percent of you play a game every so often, and 16 percent of you play hardly ever.

By the time Thursday finally showed up this week, we had vacation on our minds (though when do we not?). We wanted to know if you plan on traveling outside the country this summer, but nope, a whole 78 percent of you do not. About 116 of you (which was 4 percent of votes) said you’ll travel outside the country more than once this summer, 10 percent of you said you’ll leave once, and 8 percent of you said maybe, but you haven’t decided yet.

Okay, lots to do, as always. Signing off this post and heading into another! I hope your first day of June treats you well. See you in a week.


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Joel and Betty Hagler
3 years ago

You never mention local RV Clubs but we travel every month somewhere in our State or adjacent one.
Lots of comraderie, lots of games, we all chip in for meals. We have done cross country stuff for many and many years……We all have one thing in common……we are all old.
Wonder how many of your subscribers are club types???

Wesley Barager
3 years ago

Have been A member of Reginal Rv club For Many Years , May through Sept. some 20 to 30 Coaches Travel once a month To Someplace With-in few hundred miles For 3 day Weekends ! One nite out, next nite Potluck , Sunday Coffee & donuts ! Of Corse RV midnite is 9:30 LOL

Mel Jones
3 years ago

This year we have trips planned to Oklahoma, Ruidoso, NM, San Antonio Texas, Wisconsin, San Diego CA, Colorado, Illinois, and Branson MO.

3 years ago

Traveling anywhere? Yep, in a few days we hitch up the 5-er and with 7 year old granddaughter in tow on her first long RV trip we head to Colorado. Will see our son, some friends, then head to Durango (on her 8th birthday!) for a week and take her on the beautiful DSNGRR to Silverton and back.

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