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What we learned about you last week (May 26 – June 1)


By Emily Woodbury
Jeesh! Another week has flown by, how is that possible? One week down, and a whole lot more we’ve learned about you. 

In last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked if you would recommend your make/model of RV to a friend, and to our pleasant surprise, most of you (that’s 1,241 or 71 percent) said yes. Woo! We’re glad you’re happy with your RV! About 16 percent of you said you’d probably recommend it, and 6 percent of you said you wouldn’t recommend it at all.

In fact, looks like most of you (88 percent to be exact) like your RV so much that you told us nope, you’ve never loaned it to a friend or family member for a trip (it’s okay, I don’t like to share either.) There’s a few of you though who have, 11 percent of you have loaned it out at least one time. 

We’re impressed with the 546 of you who say you have a sweet tooth but manage it well. In Tuesday’s RV Daily Tips we asked if you have a sweet tooth. What did we learn? You do. About 322 of you, or 19 percent, say your sweet tooth is “out of control,” and you eat way too many sweets, however, 28 percent say you enjoy sweets in moderation. A little over 100 of you say you wish you could eat them, but diet says you can’t.  Are you wondering about me? Nah, I’m sweet enough. Wink. (Just kidding. I just wanted to say that. I do have a sweet tooth, pass the cake please?)

On Wednesday, we asked how many of you read printed books vs. ebooks. The results were pretty close, but there’s a little more weight on the printed book side. About 42 percent of you almost always read printed books (with a few ebooks thrown in sometimes) and 33 percent of you read mostly ebooks. We’re surprised that 18 percent (or 325) of you don’t read at all. Want some book recommendations? Let us, and other readers, know what you’re currently reading (or the last book you read) in the comments! 

ZzZzZzZz. Snore. ZzZzZzZz. Oh! Excuse me. Didn’t know you were still here. You’re all pretty good sleepers, huh? On Thursday, 40 percent of you told us you fall asleep pretty quick, within 15 mins of lying down and 25 percent of you fall asleep immediately (wow!) For the 16 percent of you who take a while to fall asleep, have you tried counting motorhomes? 

Our electricity expert Mike Sokol was happy to learn that you think his articles are written at the perfect technical level for you to understand. There are, however, 43 of you who think Mike could be a little more technical (you know all this stuff already) and 46 of you who are struggling with understanding what the heck he’s talking about. Make sure to sign up for Mike’s electricity newsletter! Along with useful everyday information, there’s some stuff in there that might save your life someday! 

All right, I’m signing off. As always thanks for taking our polls, and we’ll see you back here next week. 

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Dee Farrar
4 years ago

Im curious as to the most recommended rv that people stated they would recommend?

4 years ago
Reply to  Dee Farrar

Pre owned years 2001 to 2005 Foretravel diesel pusher.

4 years ago

You can’t be an RVer when you grow up until you read John Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley.” It’s required.

Donna W
4 years ago

Right now I’m reading “The Family – the Bush Dynasty” by Kitty Kelley. Lots of info that I didn’t know about George W, his father George H W, and his grandfather Preston. Also about Barbara and how she raised her children. Interesting read.

Rick Louderbough
4 years ago

By the way Emily, you are doing a really great job. Its much more pleasant reading since you arrived . I’m an old guy like your Dad and I am acutely aware of my newly acquired cynicism as I age. I understand him perfectly, but you serve as a great filter for those who don’t.

Rick Louderbough
4 years ago

Always carry a fork, because you never know when cake will happen!

Gail Meyring(@gail)
4 years ago

Thanks, Emily! You made me giggle with your wonderful humor!