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What we learned about you last week (October 12-18)

By Emily Woodbury

Why, hello again! I believe my days of writing lengthy introductions are over since now we’re learning seven things about you each week! Aren’t we lucky? We added the Friday edition of our RV Daily Tips Newsletter a couple of weeks ago, and now we’ve added the Sunday news edition of our RV Travel newsletter. How do you like it so far? This is where you give us a big ol’ thumbs up… (Kidding, we want your honest opinion, of course, but we do appreciate a thumbs up.)

OK, I said I wouldn’t write a long intro, so let me stick to my word. As usual, we’ll start with what we learned about you last Saturday…

Last Saturday we asked: Are you a neat freak or a slob? Let’s go in order here so we don’t get confused. Almost a quarter of you answered that you’re a neat freak (*slowly raises hand and looks around the room*). More than half of you, 64 percent, said that you’re more of a neat freak than you are a slob; however, 13 percent of you are more slob than neat freak. Only a small 2 percent of you said that, without question, you’re a slob.

Are you as excited as I am about our Sunday poll? I think you are because a whopping 5,305 of you voted! Yippee! We asked you how often you eat off paper plates while RVing. The majority of you said that you eat off paper plates almost always or at least very often. A little more than a quarter of you said you eat off them fairly often, and just under a quarter of you said once in a while, but not too often. I’m surprised (though very pleased) to hear that 13 percent of you hardly ever eat off paper plates while RVing. Yay! For all those of you who do use paper plates often, why not consider a compostable option? There are tons here.

Now this is not humerus! On Monday you told us that 64 percent of you have broken a bone in your body. If you currently have a broken bone, don’t worry, it’s going tibia okay. Ha…ha… Anyway, I’m like the 36 percent of you who have never broken a bone. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for each other, okay?

It looks like nobody is wearing a necktie today, hmm? We asked you men on Tuesday how often you wear a tie and a big chunk of you, 72 percent, say you never wear one or rarely ever do. A quarter of you seldom wear one. That leaves only 2 percent of you who wear one often, and only 1 percent of you (32 votes) wear a necktie very often. Reader Tommy Molnar commented, “I used to wear a necktie to work every day. I was the only truck driver that I know of to do that! After 20+ years of that, I tossed most of them out when I retired. But, I left a legacy behind when I left the company (good or bad, depending on who you ask, I’ll bet . . .). It all started as a joke, but it turned into my trademark.” Love it!

It turns out that you’re not a fan of the penny, and would like to see it discontinued as Canada has done. I learned that because on Wednesday 58 percent of you voted (and commented) that you’d like to see the penny disappear. That being said though, 42 percent of you would like to keep tiny copper (who turns out is mostly zinc) Abe Lincoln around. Reader Andy commented that we should watch a video on YouTube called, “Death to Pennies.” Here it is.

As a child, did you read the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books? Surprisingly, according to Thursday’s poll, exactly half of you did not read them. On the other end of the spectrum though, 35 percent of you read many of the books and another 15 percent of you read only one or very few of them. Linda H. commented, “Loved Nancy Drew as a young girl. I credit her with my love for reading… well, that and the back of cereal boxes.” Ha!

And lastly, Friday’s poll taught us something I think we already knew. That most of you, 79 percent, take most of your photos on your phone. A tied 13 percent of you said you take most of your photos on a basic digital camera or on a fairly advanced DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. That leaves 2 percent of you who answered “other.” And, I’m sad to report that 0 percent of you answered that you use a film camera anymore (although there is one vote!). Sniffle, sniffle…

Okidokie, gotta jet! See you next week for seven more things we’ve learned about you.


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Sharon B
3 years ago

I still live in a house. Trash is picked up 2x/week. My large county trash can is only filled maybe every 2-3 weeks so I really deserve a discount for trash collection. My other neighbors have so much trash for every pick up they can’t even close the lid. Some even have 2 county trash cans that are constantly overloaded on every pick up! What are they putting in there?? How much are they buying that is so unnecessary?? I mean they have so much crap it’s unbelievable. Do they eat only boxed foods? Do they throw out things they only use once? What is going on?? The waste is beyond my imagination. The amount of plastics they throw out should be fined.
I believe we should be charged by the weight of our trash. It really can be done by just deducting the weight of our the county trash can and be charged only for the actual trash in the container. Those with so much excess should pay more.
Regarding paper plates: Never will I opt for that. I don’t enjoy my food in a paper plate. Firstly, I like to enjoy my food in a real plate, however, I do not use ceramic or glass because of the weight. I use the microwave plates that do not break and are sturdy. But, I like and savor my coffee in a ceramic cup. I don’t like to drink my coffee in a paper cup. I like to drink my wine in a glass or maybe a good plastic one that is solid and does not give off the plastic taste. I don’t bring glass into my camper. Oh, the delight of a nice glass of wine with dinner. I use my Hoffritz stainless utensils for my forks and spoons. I have a small service for 4. My water is in specific plastic 5 gallon jugs that is collected from my high end filter from home. However, my next purchase will be the Big Berkey with all the bells and whistles. There is nothing better than fine clean water and I won’t have to weigh down with my 5 gallon jugs. I also am changing my travel toilet to a good compost one. When used correctly there is no smell and only dry substances that can be thrown out easily. My footprint contribution to the earth in comparison to others is far less. What I see at the campgrounds is sinful. I actually took out a small BBQ that appeared to be used only once. I cleaned it and it’s a real treasure.
Something has to be done to educated people to not waste and to eliminate the 1 time use. The waste in the world is horrible.

Merrily Robinson
3 years ago

Paper plates ARE compostable!!!

Bob Ritchie
3 years ago

Regarding compostable dinnerware. Where would you compost the items? We have not run in to many composting sites, we are mostly boon dockers so use the paper products to reduce our use of water and dish soaps. When we can we burn the used products. Yes I know there are issues with burning but refer to my first sentence.

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