Monday, September 26, 2022


What we learned about you last week (September 8-14)

By Emily Woodbury

Well, our electricity expert, Mike Sokol, will be pleased to hear that you love electricity! Well, if electric hookups count, that is. Wink. In last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked where you most often camp in your RV. A whopping 84 percent of you answered that you either camp in RV parks with all hookups, or in public campgrounds with at least electric hookups. About 11 percent responded you either camp in public campgrounds without electric hookups or you boondock. Only a tiny 2 percent of you “pavement” camp in places like Walmarts or rest areas. Rory commented, “It took me about a year and a half and a few bucks to get my rig modified enough to comfortably boondock without feeling like I was trying to relive the experiences of the original settlers in wagon trains. LOL. It is finally set up so that I can boondock for 8–10 days in comfort and without constantly checking my underarms…..” Ha! 

Monday’s question wasn’t as, well, pleasant, as some of the others. We were curious to know if your parents are still alive, and, well, the results weren’t exactly pleasant either. We’re sorry to hear that for 75 percent of you, neither parent is alive today. More of you (14 percent) still have your mother around than your father (only 4 percent.) We’re happy that 6 percent of you still have both parents living. 

We hope the 39 percent of you who are currently in the Eastern time zone (according to Tuesday’s survey) are nowhere near the path of Hurricane Florence! If you are, please contribute to our forum and tell us about your experience evacuating and finding someplace safe to stay. A little more than a quarter of you, 26 percent, are in the Central time zone, another 20 percent are in the Pacific (yay!), and 13 percent of you are in the Mountain zone (my brain is always in the “mountain” zone). The last 1 percent answered “other” but didn’t leave a comment. Where are you, 1 percent? 

Wednesday’s survey asked: Are you a serious collector of something? Well, most of you, that’s 85 percent to be exact, are not collectors of anything. However, 15 percent (that’s a decent percentage!) of you are. We only got one comment about specifics, but we really couldn’t have asked for a better comment. RVGrandma says, “I answered yes to collecting although I have slowed way down living in the RV the last 14 years. I have a large collection of skunks in storage (had a pet skunk as a kid).” … Should we ask questions? No, I think we’ll just leave that there for you to ponder. All we can say is that we hope Storage Wars never gets ahold of that locker! 

And, as I say every week (even though I try not to), last but not least (drumroll, please!), Thursday’s survey question: What is your most productive time of day? Ding ding ding! Morning! A hefty 68 percent of you are most productive in the morning, a quarter of you say in the afternoon, a small 6 percent of you answered in the evening, and a teeny tiny 2 percent say late at night. If sleeping counts as being productive, then I’m most productive late at night too.

Robert A. Estremo, Wikimedia Commons

As our friend Porky Pig says, “Th-th-th-th-that’s all, folks!” Speaking of, did you know that “That’s all, folks!” is on the tombstone of Mel Blanc, the man behind the voice of most Looney Tunes characters? 

See you next week!


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4 years ago

We are in the direct path of Florence, but fortunately she has been downgraded as she travels inward. Still a lot of wind/rain…which can mean tree limb damage for homes and RVs. We are home now, but did move our rig to the other side of the house — away from neighbor’s trees — for the duration of the storm.

Our RV has also been our shelter in previous storms when power goes out since we have built-in generator and propane to power fridge and stove.

For those on the road, Charlotte Motor Speedway (you already mentioned Atlanta), as well as quite a few local campgrounds have posted on social media that they are opening up for evacuees. Wish there were some kind of clearinghouse for RVers in these circumstances…one campground filled up within an hour of posting on Facebook.

We expect to get the eye of the storm tomorrow. Continued prayers are appreciated.

4 years ago

I’m in the Atlantic time zone…

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