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What we learned about you last week (March 17-23)


By Chuck Woodbury

“Have you ever lived in an RV during an emergency?”
We asked that question in last Saturday’s RV Travel newsletter. I think we all know that when an emergency strikes, whether a natural disaster — fire, flood, hurricane, etc. — an RV can be a blessing, affording us a place to live until the scene improves or while we rebuild. Of the more than 1,100 of you who responded, 71 percent have never had to resort to using an RV in such a situation. Four percent of you said you had lived in yours for more than a month during such an emergency.

We asked you a question last week that I suspect you haven’t been asked before: “How satisfied are you with your life to date?” I am happy to report that more than half of the nearly 2,500 readers who responded (54 percent) reported they were “very satisfied,” and other 37 percent said “satisfied.” Seven percent of you were “somewhat dissatisfied, and, sadly, one percent of you said you were very dissatisfied, which is sad to hear. 

RV waste management experts advise us that we should keep our gray water holding tanks closed until they are full, then dump them. Well, it seems our readers are doing just that — more than three-quarters of the nearly 1,500 readers who responded dump only when their tanks are full. A quarter of you leave your gray tank open all or most of the time. I believe most of us know that we should always keep our black tank closed until it needs to be dumped. Using a toilet with an empty black tank can result in a “poop mountain,” which is definitely not a good thing (and a lousy image to visualize).

Are you a morning or night person? My guess would have been morning person judging by when most of our readers read their newsletters (early in the morning). And I was right — 54 percent of the more than 1,500 readers who responded reported they are morning persons, with only 26 percent saying they come alive more at night. A fifth of you said you were neither one nor the other.

What’s your favorite meal of the day? That’s what we asked the readers of RV Daily Tips last Tuesday. I found the results interesting — 35 percent said dinner, with 31 percent reporting breakfast was their favorite. A quarter of you (26 percent) said you liked all your meals equally. But poor “lunch” — only nine percent of you consider that your favorite meal. About 1,400 readers responded to the poll.

Do you use an electric blanket on your RV’s bed? That’s what we asked Thursday in the RV Daily Tips Newsletter. Well, only a fifth of you do (21 percent). Most of you opt for good ol’ fashioned blankets — 79 percent.

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Mr Disaster
4 years ago

We use an electric mattress pad. We’ve been told it’s safer than an electric blanket. Since heat rises we get a little more warmth and we use a comforter. Only use the electric pad a couple of times a year. Probably more when we fulltime.

Wayne Caldwell
4 years ago

How satisfied am I with my life? Extremely satisfied. Other than loving my children more and speaking nicer, I would go through every sorrowful experience again because if I were to go back and change just one thing (my son’s suicide, failed marriages, etc, etc) I would not be here at this moment enjoying my other three children, four fantastic grandchildren, and my bride of 30 years and The life and love we share.