What your RV says about you


By Liz Wilcox

So you live in an RV … but have you ever thought about what your RV says about you? Like, what’s the impression you give when you pull up to the campground?

Well, look no further my friend. The Virtual Campground is here to tell you all about how people are judging you from their camping chairs.

Luxury motorhome
You want to go camping – you just want to do it in style. And who’s to say you can’t watch TV and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature at the same time? Just because you live in an RV doesn’t mean you have to be one of those tiny homes hippies!

Class B
Can we all just agree to call this a van? So you RV in a van, but yes, we’ll admit it’s a sweet van. It’s got a name and you’re never gonna sell it, no way. Would people stop asking?! (Man, that’s annoying!)

Class B+
You’re old and you want a simple life, but you’d also like some room for your Shih Tzu.

Moving on.

Class C
You’re either a family with small kids on vacation or a couple looking for your next great hiking adventure. This RV isn’t for everybody, and you’ll admit the storage sucks, but man is it easy to just pull over.

Truck camper
You’re a rugged mountain man with a sordid past just passing through town. At least that’s what people think when you pull up, until you step out and look like the shortstop for Average Joe’s.

Not much is known about your kind, and you like it that way. Adds a little comical mystery. The truth? You’re just easy to please.

You’re in a league all your own. You’re cute. You’re hip. You either had a lot of money to buy new or you had some money stashed away for a renovation. We’re all very happy for you.

Standard travel trailer
You’re logical. Practical. You ain’t spending a ton of money. This RV suits all your needs and nothing more. You got the one with just enough storage and space to fit you, your kids and your pets. You want to spend as much time outside as possible, and this trailer is gonna make that happen for you, dang it.

Like the rest of the RVing community, you’re just looking for your little slice of freedom. Respectable, really.

Tear drop
Does a bear relieve himself in the woods? So do you. Seriously though, you’re just really into the simple life.

5th wheel
You want to RV with all the comforts of home but you can’t afford a luxury motorhome. BINGO! 5th wheel! You brag about your RV kitchen every chance you get – and who can blame you? After all, you’ve got an island, a respectable fridge, and room for the Sam’s Club peanut butter in your pantry.

Toy hauler
You’re super into nature, and tearin’ it up. There’s nothing like taking the quad out in Moab and gettin’ it done, yanawimsayin? Then head on down to the motocross competition to watch your boy take those ruts like a champ. Or maybe you’re the motorcycle type and got the toy hauler to hold your pride and joy.

You head to campgrounds close to scenic highways. You love a good bonfire with some friends, good ole American beer, and nothing but the Classics blastin’ on the stereo in the background.

You’re tired of these money-hungry RV manufacturers with their shoddy craftsmanship – if you can even call it that. In fact, you’re pretty tired of a lot of things. No longer will you live by everyone’s standards except your own!

That’s why you decided to get the bus: the bus to freedom. It’s dependable, sturdy and full of possibility. Just like you. Maybe you’ll get plumbing for it, maybe you won’t. All you know is the open road is calling your name and you must go.

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Rory R

My my, my, people take it all so seriously. I don’t care if you have a flatbed truck with a 4 man tent on the back, if it works for you, then good… The whole purpose for me is to get out there and travel, and discover what this great country has to offer. If you boondock, moochdock, stay in a RV park or an exclusive RV resort, it makes no difference as long as you are deriving pleasure from it. Why are so many so defensive, live your life and allow others to live theirs…….

Sink Jaxon

OK Here’s my deal. We used to own a 5er with a 3/4 ton pu, but got rid of ’em. We now have a one ton pick up with an Arctic Fox TC that has a slide out, plenty of room! The reason is… we tow our pontoon boat and love to be on the lakes! Oh, I can tow a boat with a Class C you say? Try to launch a boat backing down a long, steep boat ramp with one…LOL. I usually have the back wheels of my truck in the water.

Donald N Wright

Hey Liz, what about us who still enjoy popup trailers and easy towable trailers? We are invisible to the RV crowd as well as the folks at RV Travel.


This is a just a fun entertaining article! Don’t take it as an insult of your rig choice folks! We own the Luxury Class A Diesel type but we have noticed more rv parks lately don’t allow truck campers, tents or popups. I don’t understand why? We are all paying customers!

Just me..

ANYONE whom THINKS 5th wheel owners can’t afford a bus, or class A… Never bought a pick up truck, and set up to pull a 5th wheel. talk about price? 60-80K for the AVERAGE 5th wheel, and at least another 4-50 K for a 3/4 ton pick up, or near 60K for a one ton.. and that does not include the hitch, some does not include the brake system needed to pull 5th wheel. You can buy a class A 40′, but a good 7 ‘ is just front seating area. you buy a 40′ 5th wheel, and you have at least 37-38 feet of living space, not counting the extra room with having 3+ slides. In my oppion, most people whom I have meet that own Class A’ have there nose stuck so high in the air, there missing the flowers to smell. The rest of us, are enjoying the sites, and adventures in each others stories.


Whenever two different human beings come together there is always gonna be two opinions. The article was great and fun. As long as I can drive , walk and get to the campsite imma happy camper and I might look once and no more than twice at yours because I’m to busy enjoying my van my wife company and the fact that I’m blessed enough to be out camping. Have fun ya’ll and save the arguments and complaints for when you must head home !! See ya on the highways and biways !!!

Bill john

So many adds are ok it’s free but they covered the first couple of paragraphs

Tom Champagne

You left out the “POP UP” . Sorry to say that’s what I’m limited to with my mini van towing capacity of only 2,000 lbs max


lol. Very good light hearted reading.


Right on spot with the rv description. We love our kitchen with the island and pantry.

Joel Hagler

Did the ‘B’ for 4 years….40,000 miles
Did the ‘C’ for 6 years….50,000 miles
Have the 28′ ‘A for 5 years’ with 3 slides……25,000 miles
Camping is now enjoyable…less hassle for old people.

John Koenig

You missed the SUPER C Class. My 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB is built on a TRUE HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) cab chassis (a Freightliner M2 Business Class 7 HDT). If I don’t start an anvil collection, I’ll NEVER be overweight! The 350HP Cummins ISL9 diesel puller means I always have power to spare. I searched for four years to find this floorplan (which has since been “improved”). In the five years I’ve owned it, I have not seen a better floorplan. NOTHING IMPORTANT moves. The two slide outs each have a 110VAC edison outlet and some LED lights. The hot and cold water lines, drain lines, propane lines, residential fridge, residential convection~microwave and stacking washer~dryer ALL “stay put”. I can get up from the front seats and walk back having FULL ACCESS to the living~dining area, sink, cooktop, fridge, mid-ship half bath with both slides IN. I have full access to the electric service panel. If I want to shower, I roll out of bed on the aft side (two drawers are blocked with the bedroom slide retracted so, my clean underwear and socks are kept in the top drawer). The safety factor a TRUE Super C provides is off the scale. With the engine up front, service is a snap. There ARE Super C “wanna~bees”. These are usually built on Class 4 or Class 5 Pick ups or contractor vans (think F450, E450, F550, Dodge / GMC 5500 series). As a solo, I have boondocked for 10 days before needing to find hookups.

PS: I have a 20,000 pound towing capacity with a 3000 pound tongue weight rating 🙂

Franks onthe Road

What about Super C’s? Her thoughts are obviously for entertainment purposes which is fine as long as you take it in the spirit in which it is presented.

Vanessa Simmons

Chill everyone… I think the article is cute, kind of a compilation of thoughts, more satire than facts. Don’t be so sensitive.

I read a post on FB yesterday from a lady who was chatted up by a guy online. When she told him she lived in a RV (or camper don’t remember the term) at the beach….CRICKETS. Apparently he was a S&B snob!


Absolutely right on!!!! You didn’t include pop-ups, probably because they aren’t widely used for full timing. When we had our pop-up we found a segment of the RV community who went around getting the inside of their nose sunburned more than usual when we showed up. We ignored ’em and enjoyed our family time anyway!

rick louderbough

We have a 1990 Chinook Concourse that is in pristine condition. We get thumbs up from sunup to sundown everywhere we go. Plus it sounds pretty good to.


We live in a used 2005 Dutchstar Diesel MH. Not quite a luxury unit but very nice.
We’ve seen many big 5th wheels a huge trucks that cost thousands more than our unit. I consider those luxury Rvs.
As long as were camping that’s all that matters. We live staying at COE and State Parks because we see every type of unit imaginable.

Lisa Cantrell

Ha! We live in a 33′ Class A which seems to be classified as a luxury motorhome, which is pretty far from what ours is. We renovated the interior to fit our needs and taste, including a composting toilet-ripped out the bedroom TV and have watched 4 movies in 4.5 years on the one in the LR which has coats and/or backpacks hanging in front of it most of the time, we have solar so we can boondock (that and state parks are our preferred sites) and seek out nature and art in about equal measure. We visit cities and indulge in what they have to offer and stay out in nature because we prefer it to parking in a place where people are trying to impress each other with bigger and fancier. And what we have found is that very often what the camper looks like has little to do with what its owners are like.
I’m sorry but I find the article contributing to the judgey atmosphere that seems to be infecting our country. If you don’t like mold, clean it up. If it doesn’t bother you then don’t.


The RV shown as a Class B/B+ is a Rialta. They are built on a cutaway chassis so technically they are a class C not a van. Of course there is no such thing as a B+ except in the marketing minds of RV sales people…


Here’s what I see when a rig pulls in.

Is it just normal road dirty, and not actually filthy, perhaps with mold growing on it? Is it delipidated, with obvious damage? Does it have plastic or plywood holding it together? Window air cons sticking out a window, instead of factory air conditioning?

Or does it look well kept, along with the tow vehicle (if any)? We all expect road dirt and bugs, but pride of ownership shines through that. Our motorhome is a 2003 – but doesn’t look it, and it’s maintained.

I don’t care what you RV in or what year it is, if you take care of it and have some pride. Can’t abide trashed out rigs falling apart with owners not even scrubbing off mold, moss, and mildew.